REVIEW: Spider-Geddon #4

Spider-Geddon 4 Superior Spider-man Morlun Scarlet Spider

SPIDER-GEDDON #4 / Writer: Christos Gage, based on a story by Dan Slott / Pencilers: Jorge Molina & Carlo Barberi / Inkers: Jay Leisten & Jose Marzan, Jr. / Colorist: David Curiel / Letterer: VC’s Travis Lanham / Marvel Comics / Published November 21, 2018

Spider-Geddon 4 cover Superior Spider-man and Scarlet Spider

Spider-Geddon is upon us.

The evil Inheritors have been freed from their imprisonment and have set about to feast upon the Spiders of the Multiverse. The Spider-heroes of various dimensions have gathered to stop the Inheritors. Spider-Man, Miles Morales, wants to build a larger team of Spiders from across the multiverse, while Superior Spider-Man, Otto Octavius, works to figure out how to stop them once and for all.

Things have not been going well for the Spider-heroes. Since the Inheritors’ return they have bested the heroes at every turn. The Spiders are struggling for a plan of attack and have problems working together. Several of the heroes have ulterior motives including Spider-Norman Osborne, who wants to destroy the Loomworld and trap the Inheritors on Earth 616 thus preventing their reign of terror from spreading. Superior Spider-Man Otto Octavius also has his own plans for stopping the Inheritors.

Spider-Geddon #4 has a lot of stories to balance out. In just this one issue we have the return of the Inheritors’ father Solus, two separate double crosses among the Spiders, two heroes getting captured, and an end to the dimension-hopping technology that they have used since the original Spider-Verse event. It is a lot to keep up with, and it can be even more confusing when we are dealing with a dozen or more Spider-Man (Spider-Men? Spider-People? Spider-Mans?) characters. After reading Spider-Geddon #4 I had to go back and reread all the previous issues because I thought I had missed one along the way. Putting this whole event into 5 issues is a lot; I wonder if it would’ve been better to expand it out more.

Christos Gage’s writing from Dan Slott’s story is good. Each of the Spider-people feels like a unique character even though they are all similar in not only name but also attitude. The Inheritors aren’t as nuanced, though; they are basically the classic mustache-twirling villain. They just want to eat all the Spiders and then conquer the world. The one Inheritor, Karn, who was morally good from Spider-Verse is now gone. They don’t have much to do in this issue, however; they mostly stand around and react. The heroes, meanwhile, stand around and discuss the issues at length and talk about what their plans are for stopping the Inheritors.

Spider-Geddon 4 Superior Spider-man Spider-Norman

Jorge Molina’s and Carlo Barberi’s pencils and layouts are good. Jose Marzan Jr.’s and Jay Leisten’s inks give some deep shadows to match the darkness building. David Curiel’s colors on top are good. The bright colors of the Spider costumes stand out as the few remaining sources of color in the world that is slowly taken over by the Inheritors’ shadows and darkness. The art team keeps each panel visually interesting even if there isn’t really a whole lot going on at the time. I have to commend the artists here because, with this many Spider-costumes, it could be easy for them to all blend in together, but it’s always easy to visually tell which Spider-Man were are dealing with at any given time.

I really enjoyed the Spider-Verse event of 2014; they found a good balance of action, heart, and humor and made it all feel very appropriate to Spider-Man. However, the Spider-Geddon event has not been as enjoyable. This is issue #4, and according to everything I could see, this is the penultimate issue of the story, but it feels more like a middle chapter. It does not feel like everything is building to a climax; instead, it feels like the end of the second act with much more to come. I find it very to see how they can wrap up everything remaining in only one more issue.

VERDICT 3.5 out of 5

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