REVIEW: Daredevil #610

DAREDEVIL #610 / Writer: Charles Soule / Artist: Phil Noto / Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles / Cover: Phil Noto / Published October 31st, 2018

After a close brush with death, Daredevil has refocused his efforts on taking down Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin and current Mayor of New York, whom he believes illegally took power. Daredevil and his team of Inhuman investigators have a new ally in Elektra, but there is a new assassin out to stop them.

Part Two of “The Death of Daredevil” entitled, Pistanthrophobia, the fear of trusting people due to prior negative experiences with romantic partners. In this case, it’s applying to Matt Murdock and Elektra’s relationship. They have an intense night of passion after she shows up on his doorstep, but things between them quickly fall apart as they always do. Matt tries to bring her on to the team, but she is a world class assassin and Daredevil does not kill people. Complications arise.

The Kingpin’s hired assassin who attacked Daredevil in the previous issue strikes again and now we have a name to match the face and trademark bone knives, The Vigil. The Vigil has a very striking appearance, white robes and a painted red cross running across their face and chest, very priest like. Plenty of religious symbolism, which is appropriate considering Daredevil’s connection to Catholicism and the church.

Charles Soule continues his solid writing and character work. This issue is less about the details and more about the character moments that come out when the plan goes awry. In fact, nothing about the plan or it’s execution is ever revealed to us. We see the initial discussion and then jump to complications as they try to escape.

I liked the humor in the car chase as they tried to escape, but it was a little hard to follow initially since we had no context for the plan or what circumstances put them into this position. I understand that the encounter with The Vigil is the larger story piece they wanted to get to, but I wonder if this couldn’t have been stretched out a bit more. Even a single panel of exposition would’ve helped to set the stage.

Daredevil 610 Elektra fighting The Vigil

Phil Noto’s art is fantastic throughout. The opening pages capture the passion and intensity of Matt and Elektra together, Noto also did his own color work filling this romantic scene with soft blues and purple coloring. The fight between Elektra, The Vigil, and Daredevil is really good. The abandoned church-like location where they fought was a perfect visual for everything happening at that moment. The inverted battle between good and evil, the good devil and the evil priest. The colors being mostly gray with just the red of their costumes standing out showing that blood will be spilled here.

I still believe that there is another layer to this story that is not yet revealed to us. Maybe it’s a vision of Matt’s as he is laying on the operating table dying, maybe it’s something else. I just feel like there is more going on than what we can see. Daredevil #610 has a few missteps and jumps over a bit too much exposition, but still gives a solid Daredevil story.

VERDICT 4 out of 5

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