Do You Even Duel!? Tournament 6, Round 2

Blue Marvel Featured Do You Even Duel

The Do You Even Duel Tournament 6, Round 1 results are in! Each of these battles were exceedingly difficult to figure out and most of them could have possibly gone either way, but let’s break down the details!

Blue Marvel vs. Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer has the power cosmic. Blue Marvel is an Anti-matter generator. This means he literally generates one of the most powerful forms of energy in the universe and can manipulate it. They are also very close to the same speed. Both of them can move very close to the speed of light. A major win in Surfer’s favor is his ability to absorb all forms of ambient energy, but while this is the case, Blue Marvel can physically hit harder than Surfer, and has a super intelligence that the surfer wouldn’t be able to comprehend or contend with. At the end of the day, with such similar levels of power, the smarts would give Blue Marvel the win.

Wonder Woman vs. Rachel Grey

Arguably the toughest battle of the bunch. Wonder Woman is exceedingly powerful, fast, and has survived explosions of the highest levels. Furthermore, she’s also shown some resilience to telepathy, which is a major source of Rachel’s powers. However, Rachel, even without the aid of the Phoenix Force, is known as the daughter of the Phoenix, which grants her natural powers that are akin to the Phoenix’s (albeit not at the same level).

While her speed or strength is no where near that of Wonder Woman’s, Rachel’s telekinesis is. She can manipulate matter at the molecular level. With Rachel having stopped foes like Thor and Gladiator in their tracks, Wonder Woman, would be hard pressed to make a successful physical attack on her, and wouldn’t have much of a means to defend against this either. Still, Diana does have the Lasso, which when revealing the truth, can manipulate reality based on that truth. This may not have a direct effect on Rachel, considering Rachel doesn’t have a complex that could be revealed, but that still isn’t an 100% certainty. Wonder Woman is also more experienced than Rachel when it comes to hand to hand combat as well.

Finally, while Wonder Woman has withstood mental attacks, she’s also succumbed to them as well… furthermore, her psychic enemies (Maxwell Lord and Doctor Psycho) come nowhere near close to the level of Rachel Grey. And mental attacks have been successfully used against her on more than one occasion. That being said, that’s one too many abilities that Diana doesn’t have an answer to. While she may win the occasional battle (say 2 out of 5) the likelihood of her being able to answer Rachel effectively more often than not is too low to give her this battle. Tough decision, but the winner is Rachel Grey.

Doctor Strange vs. Superman

Interesting matchup and as immensely powerful as Superman is, not the best fight for him to be in. While he can move so fast and hit so hard as to defeat Doctor Strange with one blow, Doctor Strange isn’t likely to let that happen. Unfortunately, magic has many uses which times are often very much like a “Dues Ex Machina” and it’s one of the few things that could stand against the raw power of someone like Superman. It uses finesse, and creativity to fight which is one of the things that stops pure power.  Plus, while it isn’t a direct counter like kryptonite, he is vulnerable to it. Besides if Doctor Strange was bored, he could send Superman into a different dimension for the battle even began, and this may seem “easy,” Superman has no answer whatsoever to that. Doctor Strange wins.

Thanos vs. Superboy Prime

Another tough battle. First off, Superboy Prime has all the powers of Superman, pushed to the extreme, and without the silly inhibitions of morality. It’s no doubt that he’s extremely powerful and while it’s difficult to stack his power next to Thanos, we must also consider that Thanos defeated his future form, who defeated every known being in the universe, and battle against the Phoenix Force without any additional assistance. Superboy Prime can manipulate reality, but Thanos has also been known to resist this. Furthermore, Thanos has both powerful telepathy and his intelligence far far superior to Superboy’s making for a major push in his favor.

Round 2

Blue Marvel vs. Rachel Grey

Blue Marvel Card

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Doctor Strange vs. Thanos

Discuss the duel here.

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