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Judge Dredd Carlos Ezquerra

Here at DYECB we are very saddened to announce that on October 1, 2018, at 70 years old, Carlos Ezquerra, artist and co-creator of Judge Dredd (along with John Wagner), passed away. He’d been fighting lung cancer for the past 10 years. Ezquerra. He visualized Dredd and the Mega-Cty One back in 1977. He was also the co-creator of Johnny Alpha for the Strontium Dog comic strip and Starlord Magazine.

Beginning his career with British comics in 1973, he originally worked on Spanish Western and War comics. 2000AD writer and editor Pat Mills approached Ezquerra to come up with some character designs for the now legendary Judge Dredd. Along with Dredd’s now iconic design, Ezquerra also helped design the cityscapes of the dystopian Mega-City One, where the majority of Dredd’s stories were based.

His other notable works include Stainless Steel Rat and Just a Pilgrim. He touched the lives of many, and his legacy will be remembered.

What is your favorite Carlos Ezquerra work? Feel free to comment.

Co-written by Neil Spiers

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