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Issue 2 of the Wildcard Chronicles is a 32-page full color fast-paced thrill ride set in the Afrofuturistic Tekhen City, a sovereign African city on U.S. soil in a world where the African continent has united to become the world’s greatest superpower!

The story picks up in the final year of “The Last Great War” in 2019CE during the time of the “Mass Awakening” and in the aftermath of the infamous “Night of Reckoning.” As Tekhen City rejoices, the corporate world begins to regain its infrastructure as it restarts the “Corporate Initiative.” Finding new financial backing, drug cartels and tech tycoons are poised to retake Tekhen City – whoever runs Tekhen controls the entire East Coast.

In a striking master stroke of events, Tekhenʻs big corporations align with the cityʻs newly elected mayor and the drug cartels to shut down the super bike race track, the Giza Grand Prix – a key financial element in New Dendera. This takeover kicks off the legendary Superbike Street Wars, an underground 2-wheel warrior series of street grudge matches that begin in Tekhen City and  spreads around the country.

Wildcard Chronicles Tekhen City

We meet a young street racer named Nuri Mauntess as he hears the suspicious news surrounding his father’s death in the Night of Reckoning. As the eldest son and heir to the noble House Mauntess, Nuri must shoulder the weight of his family’s legacy, but is he ready?

Nuri calls upon his strongest allies to aid in his search for the truth about his father’s death. Along the way, rival biker gangs, shady politicians, and an underground crime syndicate make Nuri’s life a living hell.

In the WildCard Chronicles Universe, we created a diverse cast that were selectively chosen and based on real life heroes within our own communities. Our goal is to bring rich characters with well-thought-out backstories that are tied to their cultural background and ethnicities and to inspire others to “Find the Hero Within.”

The creators are offering a FREE preview of their first issue inside the campaign.

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Wildcard Chronicles 2

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The Wildcard Chronicles is John McAdamsʻ series that he publishes through Burning Spear Comix.

What the Fans are Saying:

“Wildcard Chronicles is a fast-paced, action-packed thrill ride. A futuristic, multi-cultural Game of Thrones, only in this world, either you RIDE… or you die.”  – Tyler James (ComixTribe, ComixLaunch)


“Warring crime syndicates, motorcycle mayhem, and a budding mythology. Wild Cards Chronicles #1 opens up a world that must be explored.” – Kevin Joseph, Tart


“A wild blend of ancient Egyptian imagery, neo-noir science fiction, and badass biker action. What’s not to love?” – Clay Adams, Fried Comics


“The storytelling and art have an interesting contrast where you have a dark nature of storytelling but a color palette that really pops and is electrifying when you’re reading it….itʻs a bold move that gracefully pays off.”, Victims and Villains


“So, Iʻmma need more Wildcard Chronicles like yesterday.” – Jemarc Axinto, Gamer Guide


“…..note the strong female characterization….. incredible sense of self-identification coming through with each character in this issue as well, I would postulate that the writers have put a lot of their own character and energy into developing each role in the comic. Th[is] reinforces the authenticity of each character and brings a new dynamic to the action comic genre.” – Chris McAuley, Word of the Nerd”


Ever dream of riding your motorcycle through an ancient pyramid on your way to slaughter your enemy? You will tonight, after you finish the Wild Card Chronicles. Sweet dreams!” – Christopher Headmetal, Headmetal Press

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