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Heroes International is a comic book featuring a superhero team just like any other popular superhero team from Marvel or DC with one exception…They Suck!

The Zero Event saw the Superhero population reduced to Zero.  Years after this tragic event, new extra humans have emerged from around the world to fill the void of our missing heroes.  Despite these new heroes’ lack or training and experience, the EHD has banded them together as the new generation of Heroes International.  Can this diverse cast of characters find a way to work together and save the world… or will they die trying?!

Why Heroes International? We needed a super hero team for the HotshotVerse. But not just any team. We needed a team we can grow with that has to deal with real problems, so we can see how they become the team we need them to be.

The original Team is composed of:

Luke Herr the -Writer

Quinn McGowen -Line Artist

Veronica Smith -Michael Smith

Danny Cooper -Letterer/Editor

Michael Watson/Victor Dandridge -Creators


NEW Team:

Ethan Murphy the -Writer

Anna D’Amico -Line Artist

Veronica Smith -Colorist

Danny Cooper Letterer/Editor

Michael Watson/Victor Dandridge-Creators

Short Fuse

Short Fuse Media Group, LLC. is a comic book production and publishing company that houses several comic book imprints under its banner with multiple releases. We love making AWESOME comics that are as good as (or better than) books from Marvel or DC.

Heroes international Cover

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Thanks for the plug, John! I believe the colorist on Issue 1 was Michael Woods, though. 🙂