REVIEW: Star Wars #55

STAR WARS #55 / Writer: Kieron Gillen / Artist: Salvador Larocca / Colorist: Guru e-Fx / Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles / Cover Artists: David Marquez & Tamra Bonvillain / Published: October 3rd, 2018

Star Wars 55 cover Darth Vader Rebel fleet

The Empire is tearing the Rebel fleet apart. A surprise attack and an act of sabotage have crippled the fledgling Rebel fleet and left them as easy targets. A single ship managed to repair the sabotage and escape, but now they have returned to help the survivors. Han Solo is leading the attack with help from the members of Rogue Squadron. They have a plan to save as many as possible, but they know they won’t be able to save everyone.

Star Wars #55 is the final chapter of the “Hope Dies” story and as such we are tossed into the action immediately from the first page. This story arc has featured some great dogfighting and space battles. Star Wars #55 has plenty of action but also manages to keep the focus on the characters and what’s at stake.

Kieron Gillen continues to write a good Star Wars story, keeping tension high during the battle. Even though we know many of the characters will make it out alive, I still found myself wondering about their fates. However, Star Wars #55 loses a bit of steam in the final pages. The finale doesn’t really resolve anything and there are still many loose threads going into the next story arc.

This is the final issue with Salvador Larroca and Guru e-Fx as the art team. I’ve been very clear in the past about disliking their art style. I will admit that this may be the best art they have produced in quite a while. Larroca keeps the space battles visually exciting while still making it easy to follow. We can easily follow the battle and where our heroes are. Guru e-Fx’s best pages are after the battle has wrapped and the Rebels are on the run, with shadows and muted colors helping give the proper somber mood.

Star Wars 55 X-wing

“Hope Dies” has had some highs and a few lows. Star Wars #55 closes it out with more highs than lows. While the heroes made it away safely it’s hardly a happy ending, which is appropriate as the timeline moves closer to Empire Strikes Back and darker times for the Rebellion. I’m excited to see a new art team take over after this issue and what they have in store for the fans.

VERDICT 3 out of 5

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