REVIEW: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #31-“Changing Of The Guard”

MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS #31/ Writer: Marguerite Bennett/ Artist: Simone Di Meo/ Colorist: Walter Baiamonte/ Publisher: Boom Studios/ Release Date: September 26th, 2018

Take a dash of All New, All Different X-Men, add a generous helping of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and just a pinch of cosmic horror and you have an idea of what Marguerite Bennett and Simone Di Meo have in store for us during their run on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


This issue kicks off the “Beyond The Grid” storyline, which focuses on the aftermath of Lord Drakkon’s assault on reality. Hurtling through spacetime, a ragtag team of captive Rangers led by Grace Sterling (former MMPR Red and head of the think tank known as Promethea) who wind up in a strange new universe, with low supplies and no connection to the Morphing Grid-the wellspring from which the Rangers draw their powers. The only Rangers who are able to morph are Andros (Red Space Ranger), Cam (Green Samurai Ranger), Mike (the Magna Defender from Lost Galaxy), Tanya (Zeo Ranger II-Yellow), the Dark Ranger (former Power Rangers Dino Charge villain Heckyl), and the Ranger Slayer (An alternate version of Kimberly Hart, aka MMPR Pink, who was brainwashed by Drakkon.)

And between a mysterious new Ranger and the threats lurking in the dark, they have their work cut out for them…

Bennett is no stranger to team books, having previously scripted the fan favorite DC Bombshells. And she understands that above all else, no matter who’s on the roster, that the Power Rangers are a team and that they don’t abandon the innocent. This is most evident in a sequence where the new Ranger team and Grace debate whether or not to answer a distress signal. Mike utters the following statement:

“No one else dies. Not one of us, not one of them.”

That made my heart swell up because above all else, a Power Ranger protects life. And I’m glad to see that after Drakkon’s war, even stranded in the furthest reaches of the universe, these Rangers would not abandon their duties.

Di Meo’s artwork is, in a word, breathtaking. His pencils sprawl over the page, and you can’t help but stop to drink in every detail. From the Prometha hurtling through space to the way energy flies from the Rangers’ bodies as they morph, his illustrations are top tier. Walter Baiamonte’s colors add a sense of foreboding to the story, especially the heart-stopping cliffhanger on the last page. (And BOY is it a heartstopper.)


I was admittedly worried when Kyle Higgins announced he was leaving the title, but it’s clear that he has left it in more than capable hands. Eager to see what Bennett and Di Meo throw at us in future issues!

VERDICT: 5 out of 5 Megazords. An excellent start to the new era of Power Rangers comics!

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