REVIEW: Heroes In Crisis #1-“Help Me”

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HEROES IN CRISIS #1 / Writer: Tom King / Artist: Clay Mann / Colorist: Tomeu Morey/ Letterer: Clayton Cowles / Cover Artist: / Publisher: DC Comics / September 26. 2018Heroes in Crisis 1 2018 cover


Fans have had mixed feelings on the now out Heroes In Crisis Event by Tom King (The Vision and Omega Men) and Clay Mann (The Magic Order and Gambit). Either excited for the new event by the breakout writer of the generation or concerned by the hints at character deaths. The latter being concerned that these hints have been a little morbid. The relevance of comic book character deaths, especially in superhero comics, has always been a hotly debated topic. Is it relevant when comic book characters die? They can just come back right? Well, that seems to be the issue King and Mann are tackling in this event, because, not only do characters die, this is a full-blown crisis.

Crisis Upon Crisis

Heroes in Crisis 1 2018 Hot Spot in Sanctuary Interview

DC is practically known for their huge multi-faceted Crisis events. Starting with Crisis on Infinite Earths and even going deeper into the psychosis of the characters with Identity Crisis. The Heroes in Crisis events seems closer to the later, but King is able to bring his usual slice of humanity to these impossible characters. Also, he really knows the DC Universe. The first issue alone has a plethora of characters even the average comic reader probably doesn’t know including Blue Jay, Citizen Steel, Lagoon Boy, and Hot Spot to name the lesser known characters, and those are just the ones we see. Don’t worry you still get Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Booster Gold, among others. Be prepared, this issue is a gut punch of DC and heartbreak.


This is the story of characters that have been misplaced and mistreated in the DC universe that are all brought to this secret place called Sanctuary, made by Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman to help them. Other than that, this issue tells the reader almost nothing. Except for these characters here are dead and they were all getting help. King seems to be focusing on the lesser known fan-favorite characters of the DC Universe, that might never get the mainstream appeal they deserve and put them in a story to destroy our happiness. This is a classic murder mystery gone to insane superhero levels. Even if you aren’t an avid DC reader you can enjoy this book for the mystery and Clay Mann’s best artwork ever.

Heroes in Crisis 1 2018 Booster Gold in Sanctuary Interview

Heroes in Crisis is on its way to being the breakout event of the year, possibly the decade, if Tom King’s talent train continues its run of awesome ideas and DC Characters almost everyone else has forgotten about. Definitely worth a read, but not for the faint of heart, this comic is going to drag some of your favorite characters through an emotional story that they might not come out the same way again.

Verdict: 5 out of 5

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