REVIEW: Green Lanterns #57 – “The End”

Green Lanterns 57 Jessica Cruz Cover

GREEN LANTERNS #57 / Writer: Dan Jurgens / Artist: Mike Perkins / Colorist: Hi-Fi / Letterer: Dave Sharpe / Publisher: DC / October 17, 2018

Green Lanterns 57 Cover

The Green Lantern Corps is besieged on two fronts: first, the manipulative Eon and his armada of Ravagers have brought all-out war to the sentient planet Mogo. Second, Hank “Cyborg Superman” Henshaw has busted out of the Fortress of Solitude and taken the Phantom Ring, a unique artifact that empowers its wielder with all of the lantern corps. He’s also a cyborg with a raygun arm and a grudge against Hal Jordan that has led him to terrorize Jordan’s beloved Coast City.

Don’t worry, DC didn’t forget about Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz, but they get more of an epilogue than anything. Nevertheless, Hal gets top billing at “The End” of what really started as their story. Instead of neatly wrapping up “The End” of each conflict, the status quo is hand-waved to make the cancellation of Green Lanterns fit the start of other titles.

Hey, at least the action’s splashy. Hal gets to enact explosive wish-fulfillment against Cyborg Superman, blasting him while shouting affirmations like:

“I’m stronger now. Strong enough to stop you!”

Back during his own rebirth series, Hal forged his own ring, which makes him immune to Cy’s Green Lantern battery hack. However, Cy’s downfall comes as a result of teamwork, as some GL backup takes his flank. Perkins maximizes the beams and hard-light weaponry per panel, while Hi-Fi brings the requisite glowing colors to all the constructs and explosions to make them pop. The blasts of Cy and the Ravagers burn red, making for clear contrasts. (Sodam Yat shows off that same color contrast in a scene-stealing cameo.)

Green Lanterns 57 Mermaid Slap

Out by Mogo, the Guardians seal Eon in a light chamber that reflects his powers back at him. Jessica, Simon, Kyle, John, and Guy wreck the Ravager fleet for two whole pages, making for what must be the quickest planetary battle the corps has seen. Everyone’s heroic rallying saved the day but lost the chase, though, as Eon and Cy both instantly escape without a trace. Whoops! The Guardians will root out Cy’s virus and restore the Corps to a new Oa…

…But readers are here to see what’s up with Simon and Jessica, right? This series has run for 57 issues, with Jessica leaving for Justice League Odyssey and Simon… uh… swiping around in super-dating app Caper, I guess? It’s okay: they end their partnership on amicable terms, with Jessica yearning for space adventures while Simon wants to return home. “All any of us wants is for you to be happy,” Simon says, as the GLC watches Jessica take off through Mogo’s skies. Ending this personality-driven run with a crowd-pleasing “See you later!” feels anticlimactic, but considering the tragic ends DC has delivered to its beloved heroes, I’ll gladly take this safe, grinning alternative.

Verdict: 3 out of 5

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