REVIEW: Flash s5e1 “Nora”

Flash-Nora waving

Warning: spoilers ahead! What would you do if your fully grown daughter appeared on your doorstep before she was even conceived? This was the question left at the end of season 4 of The Flash. After appearing throughout the season, Nora revealed in the last scene that she was Barry & Iris’s daughter from the future. This season starts in the same scene where the last left off.

This episode of The Flash features Gridlock as the enemy of the week, but the plot centers around understanding Nora. Why is she here? Why can’t she go home? How are Team Flash going to keep Nora from messing up the timeline?

Flash (nora)- Gridlock

Nora, played by Jessica Parker Kennedy, is a speedster that is at least 25 years old. However, the character is written with a lower maturity level. One would expect that for a speedster that’s studied the Flash her whole life, she wouldn’t be quite so reckless. She is cute, charming, and eager. Barry also acts a bit out of character, caring more about protecting the timeline than helping his daughter. Something about this episode feels off despite in-story explanations of said out of character moments.

I did find Barry’s struggle finding a suitable Flash costume to be a great running joke. Cisco’s obsession with names also never gets old. Nora does seem to be a good addition to Team Flash but I question how long she can remain without completely destroying space-time. Speaking of space-time, Dibney’s struggles with quantum multiversal theory were relatable, and made humorous by the fact the he’s not new to the team…just think.

Nora-Dibney, Cisco, and Caitlin

I didn’t feel that the premiere was a strong start to the the season. The last scene set up our ongoing mystery bad guy but I struggled to care throughout the whole episode. Nora is fun but her ingenue performance is going to get old really fast, especially since we’ve seen similar acting with Jessie Swift. I predict this season of The Flash will be meh at best.


My Verdict:

2.5 out of 5

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