REVIEW: Edge of Spider-Geddon #4

Edge of Spider-Geddon 4 Spider-Norman

EDGE OF SPIDER-GEDDON #4 / Words: Aaron Kuder / Pictures: Aaron Kuder, Will Robson / Inks: Craig Yeung, Will Robson / Colors: Andres Mossa / Letters: VC’s Cory Petit / Cover: Aaron Kuder & Dean White / Marvel / Published September 26th, 2018

Edge of Spider-Geddon 4 cover

This is the beginning of Spider-Geddon. The Spiders from all over the multiverse who formed together in the Spider-Verse event have returned. Something is different this time. A spider who wasn’t there last time and that only the Goblin can stop from wreaking havoc across the multiverse.

On this Earth, Peter Parker is dead, presumably by the hands of the evil Spider-Nor-man Osborn. Osborn’s son, Harry, and Peter were working against Norman’s evil plans from within Oscorp, but it was not enough. Harry now has to change from his corporate insider method to a full frontal attack and it’s the multiverse that hangs in the balance. The role reversal of Norman as the Spider is part of what makes these alternate reality stories so much fun to read. We don’t know the circumstances behind Norman’s spider abilities but it’s safe to assume that he was not a victim of an innocent accident.

Aaron Kuder’s script gives us a story that is mostly told through Peter’s letter to Harry, which is to be opened only after Peter’s death. Peter explains to Harry and to us, some of what Norman has been up to. We don’t know what Norman intends to do with the power of the multiverse, but it’s clear that nothing good will come from his interference. We never see the Peter Parker of this world except once in a memory, but he feels like the Peter we’ve always known, giving the story it’s emotional weight. While these aren’t the classic versions of the characters, they are close enough to what we know.

Kuder also did much of the pencils and layouts for Edge of Spider-Geddon #4, sharing duties with Will Robson on several pages. The pencils and character designs are great. I like how they slowly tease out Norman’s spider body and what his twisted world looks like. The Goblin mask is creepy and a little disturbing, it’s the Goblin by way of the Joker. The action and fights are limited to just a few panels which makes each impact just feel like it hits that much harder. Craig Yeung and Will Robson share inks while Andres Mossa has the colors. All the artists work well together in creating the ethereal world that Norman lives in and showing how disconnected he already is from the world around him. It’s hard to tell where his space ends and the gateway to the multi-verse begins.

Spider-Norman fights the Goblin Edge of Spider-Geddon 4

This final Edge of Spider-Geddon chapter sets the stage for the Spider-Geddon event. It’s unclear exactly what Norman is up to or what it is that he wants, but it’s very clear that it’s nothing good. I like that we don’t yet know what the event is yet about, we just know that a threat has been unleashed. Edge of Spider-Geddon #4 is more than just a setup for the event, it’s also a good story about heroes and villains, fathers and sons, and friends working together.

VERDICT 4 out of 5

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