REVIEW: Daredevil #609

Daredevil 609 Kingpin

DAREDEVIL #609 / Writer: Charles Soule / Artist: Phil Noto / Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles / Cover: Phil Noto / Published October 17th, 2018


Daredevil is continuing his fight against the Kingpin, trying to prove that the Kingpin’s election to Mayor was fraudulent. The Kingpin will fight back hard, but ironically it’s not the Kingpin who nearly kills Daredevil, but Matt Murdock himself. Matt is hit by a truck when he tries to save someone on the street, much like the original accident that gave him his powers.

Daredevil #609 opens with Matt’s life flashing before his eyes as his life slides away on the operating table in the emergency room. The doctors work hard to save him and it looks like he will pull through. However, Matt doesn’t have time to sit and rest. Not while the Kingpin is still the mayor. So, in classic Daredevil fashion, he escapes out the window and asks Foggy Nelson to cover for him.

Daredevil returns to his team that has been assembled to fight against the Kingpin, knowing that this needs to be more than a legal fight to remove the Kingpin from office, it’s a war. In a war, the soldiers must be able to fully trust each other and so Matt reveals his identity to them. I know that Daredevil previously caused everyone to forget his secret identity, but I still thought at least someone there should have had an idea it was him. Daredevil’s secret identity has never been that big of a secret.

Charles Soule continues his solid writing. It seems that this arc will be his last on the character for now and they are pulling out all the stops. While this issue doesn’t give us much in action or reveals, instead it sets up the larger mystery and starts putting the pieces into motion. Soule puts the focus more on the characters and what’s going on inside Matt’s head.


Phil Noto’s art is simply fantastic. He’s one of a few artists who I feel can do no wrong and he has given us a beautiful book to look at. The watercolors he uses are especially good in Matt’s vision with Stick. The opening splash page sums up Daredevil’s life in a single image and is a piece that would work great as a poster or a piece to hang on the wall.

This story arc is titled the Death of Daredevil and Daredevil #609 is subtitled Thanatophobia, the fear of death and the first page is him nearly dying on the operating table. I have to wonder if this is all real or if this is all actually in his head as he is dying on the table. Daredevil can heal quickly, but his recovery seems awfully fast even for him. After a mysterious attacker appears throwing bone knives who vanishes into thin air and an ethereal visit from Matt’s old mentor, Stick, it feels like there is more going on here than we are being told in this first issue. I can’t wait to see what the next issue brings us.

VERDICT 4 out of 5

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