REVIEW: Avengers Assemble S5E1-2 “Black Panther’s Quest”

Marvel’s Avengers Assemble returns for a fifth season entitled Black Panther’s Quest. This season sends the Avengers into the world of the mysticism, pitting Wakanda and Atlantis against one another. Following the success of Marvel’s Black Panther the season centers around T’Challa and Shuri. They will go on a quest to figure out why Tiger Shark was looking for the mystical items of Wakanda and not its awesome technological advancements. On Sunday night, Disney XD released an hour-long premiere which was composed of two episodes to kick off this new season.

The show is heavily centered around being accessible to younger audiences. It utilizes a lot of humor and engaging action sequences to grab the attention of children and it does so amazingly.

The story was okay despite not having a lot of tension built up, but it was easy to follow and it explores an engaging enough mystery for the viewer to stay interested. The jokes were all kind of one-note which is why I think it works for younger audiences, but the same ambiance of humor held throughout almost a full hour can become tiring and repetitive. Although, I am intrigued to see the direction they wish to take hopefully they’ll try to exploit the mystic side of Atlantis and Wakanda to bring some newfound depth to the show.

The cast of characters was fun except for Iron Man, who was this two-dimensional comic relief character who came off as tiresome. I enjoyed the diversity they brought with characters like Kamala, Carol, and Shuri while keeping a classic feel through the big three. They all seem to have a distinctive personality and role on the team which came off clearly depending on the screen time each character had, but it wasn’t enough I was left asking for more.

T’Challa had this regal feel that is essential for the character while displaying a strong and caring personality. There were many layers to his character that made watching Avengers Assemble an enjoyable experience. His characterization was these episodes biggest success apart from that I had a hard time staying focused.

The show makes a big deal about introducing Shuri, but when push comes to shove she’s put to the side and doesn’t get a lot of room to shine. This has to be my biggest disappointment, but there’s a lot of room to grow as the season’s only begun. I hope that she eventually takes the center stage, especially with the response the character received from Marvel’s Black Panther. Making her a role model for younger audiences is key and this show is the place to do just that.

The animation and art style had some hits and misses. The general art of the show was nice; it wasn’t too crowded and kept things simple enough to give a sober feel that was reminiscent of the 90’s cartoon I grew up on. The character design was generally aesthetically pleasing but seemed to lack on the details. This made Black Panther seem like a dark blur at times, which is probably due to the very limited use of shadows.

The animation wasn’t anything spectacular; when you compare it to the immense stride we’ve made in animation it came off on the short side of things. While the fights were fluid and artistically pleasing, at times they did feel a little on the repetitive. I don’t have huge complaints about the animation, but I  don’t have anything amazing to say about it either; overall, it was average.

This season has a good kickoff with its premise being intriguing and it’s cast of characters diverse enough to attract people from all tracks of life. It does have some faults regarding attention to details in the art style and setting a tone which lacks a certain amount of depth and loses a lot of momentum past T’Challa’s characterization. Avengers Assemble: Black Panther’s Quest isn’t what I expected, but I was able to get some entertainment out of it.

Verdict: 3 buddies out of 5

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