Horror Comics to Read for Halloween 2018

Gideon Falls Featured

Happy Halloween! This year the Do You Even Staff wanted to compile a few must read horror comics from the past few years. Check out these suggestions from our family and consider picking up something that will get you spooked tonight.

Gideon Falls (2018)

Gideon Falls

Writer: Jeff Lemire

Artist: Andrea Sorrentino

Gideon’s Fall is  masterpiece of suspense, mystery and horror. Jeff Lemire is exceedingly successful at creating characters that are pulled into a plot surrounded by an unknown entity of darkness. Meanwhile, Andreas gives the book it’s perfect theme and feel. No other creative team would have been able to nail this story, in quite the way that they do, and the result is an absolutely necessary read for all suspense and horror fans.

I Am A Hero (Dark Horse, 2016-Present)

I Am a Hero Cover

Writer & Artist: Kengo Hanazawa

It’s nice how The Walking Dead shows off all these monologuing governors and stone-cold badasses, but what if actual dorks had to survive a zombie apocalypse? And the zombie shock never wore off, but instead kept invading the page in new, disturbing ways? You’d better hope there’s a hero somewhere in this comic.

Baltimore (Dark Horse, 2010-2017)

Baltimore Cover

Writer: Mike Mignola & Christopher Golden

Artist: Ben Stenbeck, Peter Bergting

Colorist: Dave Stewart, Michelle Madsen

Letterer: Clem Robins Covers: Mike Mignola, Ben Stenbeck, Dave Stewart, Francesco Francavilla

Vampires and other monsters plague Europe at the end of World War I. Combat veteran Lord Baltimore has a personal vendetta against one of these demons, but he and any friends he makes will have to stare down the hordes of Hell on the way to absolution.

Satania (nbm, 2017)

Satania Cover

Writer: Fabien Vehlmann

Artist: Kerascoet

Charlotte’s brother went missing on an underground expedition to investigate the existence of Hell. Now, she and a group of explorers are off to save him, but their journey to the center of the Earth will be anything but a stroll through the dark. Bear witness to a gradual, dreadful reveal full of terror.

Immortal Hulk (2018)

Immortal Hulk

Writer: Al Ewing

Artist: Joe Bennet

Immortal Hulk has become a favorite title from Marvel and Al Ewing has successfully brought back the horror feel. After resurrecting Bruce Banner in Avengers: No Surrender he made it his goal to make a terrifying version of The Hulk and it’s brilliant.

Clean Room (Vertigo, 2015)

Writer: Gail Simone

Artist & Colorist: Jon Davis-Hunt

Letterer: Todd Klein

Covers: Jenny Frison

An enigmatic cult leader, mysterious suicides, and a journalist’s investigation add up to a truly original and twisted horror tale. Clean Room is the story of what happens when the veil between worlds is pulled back and the horrors that lurk in the shadows are revealed. But, what truly sets this one apart is the wonderfully twisted creatures and the bright pink color palette of artist Jon Davis-Hunt crossed with the hilarious and terrifying writing of Gail Simone. Clean Room will make you laugh, make you cry and give you nightmares.

Infidel (2018)

Infidel Cover

Writer: Pornsak Pichetsote

Artist: Aaron Campbell

Colorist/Editor: Jose Villarubia

It’s a rarity that a comic gives genuine jump scares but Infidel handles them so well that you don’t see them coming. Even after the first two I was- and hopefully you will- be slowly turning those pages. it’s a modern day haunted house story with a twist. The story follows Aisha an American Muslim women and her white boyfriend and multi racial neighbors. The twist …the apartment block they live in is haunted by entities that feed on xenophobia. As much as this book talks about racism and Islamophobia it deals with the subject matter well. It still is the creepiest titles I have read this year.


Contributors: Paul DePaola, Thomas Maluck, Neil Spires, Piper Whitaker, Kade Battles,

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