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When Hollywood told two schmucks in Atlanta that their screenplay had to be a comic book first, they hemmed and hawed, but eventually listened. Fueled by revenge fantasies and a major dollop of can-do spirit, they did exactly that – made it a comic book first! And, even though they had no idea what they were getting themselves into, the end result has been somewhat spectacular. Not only did it become an indie fan favorite, it turned up on the Comic Journal’s best of 2017 list!

Here’s the gist: In turn of the century London, Jack Wolverton, gentleman thief, specializes in stealing the arcane, the accursed and the occult. With war about to break out, only he can stop the world’s most powerful artifacts (The Monkey’s Paw, The Hope Diamond and the Portrait of Dorian Gray) from falling into the wrong hands! There’s only one slight hiccup — he really, really hates magic.

Issue # 2 brings Atlanta Artist, Jackie Lewis on board on pencils and inks. Jackie’s published works include The Lion of Rora, Play Ball and Merry Men for Oni Press. She is a former professor ofsequential art at the renowned SCAD University.

Wolverton’s creators are now looking for some rain making magic from modern day Medicis to continue on.  Issue 2 (of a planned 6 book arc) will Kickstart on August 14th. Backers will have the opportunity not only to get an early copy before the hoi polloi, but also get to be drawn into the book!

This link to the campaign has already gone live! —


“Beautifully rendered locations and rollicking action panels frame this stylish post Victorian escapade. Reminiscent of such movie greats as Errol Flynn, our droll hero is a thief… and WHAT A THIEF! Kudos, guys, you’ve brought the ‘gentleman thief’ back into vogue and with a vengeance!” — Emil Ferris, Author of the Eisner Winning, My Favorite Things is Monsters

“This beautiful, action-packed book demonstrates the versatility of comic book storytelling.” — Geek The News

“Wolverton: Thief of Impossible Objects #1 is a fun and energetic read. Jack Wolverton is a charming protagonist, the premise is entertaining, and the art is fantastic.” — Bleeding Cool

“Enter the realm of adventurers and draw a line from Indiana Jones to The Escapist. Good. Now go squarely in the middle and mark a big, fat X. That’s the precise location where you’ll find Wolverton, a fun, funny, raucous new comic. Just remember that X doesn’t mark the end of this journey, but the beginning.”  — Van Jensen, Writer for DC’s The Flash and Green Lantern Corp

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