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The latest TV Kickstarter to sweep the internet is The Outlier. With an ambitious, driven production team and an incredibly diverse cast, in just 7 days, the pilot was able to galvanize fans to raise over $30,000! This is far from a fluke. The energy and passion pouring from these creators is only rivaled by the skill and talent that they’ve gathered to make this project a reality.

The Outlier is a female-driven, superhero TV series with the action of a Marvel movie and the heart of an independent film. It navigates through a future where a poly-sapien gene means you’re an outcast, and fighting for what you believe in isn’t so black and white; all while living in a not-so-different world where corporate engineered bio-tech companies become too powerful to challenge. Think “I Am Legend” meets “Legion”.


The Creators

 The Outlier’s Director, and writer is A.J. Wedding, who graduated from Western Michigan University and honed his skills in several avenues from cinematography to VFX and editing. He co-wrote the hit web-series Infamous and was hired to direct the comedic horror film Jokesters as well as the TV pilot for LIVE @ Sunset Marquis. This is the third time he and Nathan have come together to work on a project, and that synergy will be evident in the product.

The Outlier’s Producer, Nathan Reid, is a 10-year veteran in the realm of acting and producing. A graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York, he created the Prey comic book universe, based on the bestselling comic: Prey: The Light in the Dark. He also won and shared Best Ensemble Cast for Abnormal Attraction in which he co-starred with Malcolm McDowell and Oscar-nominated Bruce Davison.

The crew has been working tirelessly to bring together a cast that stretches to all spectrums. Some of the members include Kennedy Caughell (Wicked), Chiara Maya (Criminal Minds), Andrew Kirkley (Runners), and David Crownson (Harriet Tubman: Demon Slayer). The production crew includes Leonidas Jaramillo (cinematographer), Neville Page (character designer), Meg Wilbur (SFX Makeup), Mark Poletti (stunt coordinator), and Shana Albery (wardrobe).

The creators of The Outlier understand story. And while we’ve been given a wealth of superhero movies over the past 10 years, they wanted to tell a story that speaks to the concept of being a “hero” in terms of both its ups and downs, effectively humanizing the extraordinary. The story explores introspection versus outside influence.

“We are not what happens to us. We are the sum of our actions.”

These deeper themes are why The Outlier deserves your support. Get out there, back, and become a part of how this amazing project becomes a reality.

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