REVIEW: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #35

MOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR #35 / Writer: Brandon Montclare / Artist:  Natacha Bustos / Letterer : VC’s Travis Lanham / Publisher: Marvel Comics / Release Date: September 26th, 2018

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur continues to be the sweetest yet exciting I’ve read in a good while. It’s like a giant mug of hot chocolate that’s also somehow healthy- so more like a fruit salad? I dunno. Point is; it’s so endearing and fun I’d eye any one who didn’t at least ‘aw’ out loud at Devil Dinosaur’s giant sad puppy-dino eyes with extreme suspicion. You need the story of a smart scientist girl with a giant pet dinosaur and her gang of plucky friends- that includes three robots and two classic superhero teams at this point, aside from her two close school friends. She even has a spoiled rich kid arch enemy- who’s the adopted daughter of the friggin’ KINGPIN who’s also the Mayor, plotting to tear down Moon Girl’s school using a super villain team. This is the kind of stuff you can only really do in an established super hero universe.

As Lunella continues to struggle with said King Pin plot, she’s still trying to cure herself of her body swapping with Devil Dinosaur with science, which is frustrating for all parties- said Dinosaur now reverted back to his regular giant T-rex form- and is starting to take its toll on their friendship.


I also continue to be amazed at this comics continued survival- again, not because of its quality. It is brilliant, I feel like we’ve established this- but the fact that it has an unconventional lead and its based on a legacy that’s obscure for anyone without knowledge of long time Marvel lore. It just goes to show that with the right creative team and the right audience you can make any idea work. Then again, you’d have to work hard to… uh, not make this work?

Like, it’d be hard to mess up ‘Genius Kid with Pet Dinosaur that She Also Switches Minds With’, but I’m glad I keep enjoying this week after week. I hope its in part because this clearly has traction with an audience of young readers- check out the letters pages- and that Marvel recognises that this has to be where at least some of their creative drive takes them. Superhero comics should have children in mind as a possible audience at least some of the time and its good that they have Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur that also might provide a gateway into enjoying the medium of comics and the rest of the Marvel comics continuity in general.

To elaborate on that; you don’t need more than a passing knowledge of comic book lore to enjoy the series, even with the constant appearances and references to some of 616’s best known heroes and villains- but panels like this make it so fun for those of us who know. It’s hard not to grin at an angry jerk Doom-bot head.

I hope I come up with new ways to tell you how much I enjoy this series.

Verdict: 5 out of 5

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