REVIEW: Iron Fist S2E6-10 “Fist Swap”

Written by Vincent Gauvin and Kade Battles.

Kade and Vincent continue their Iron Fist Season 2 discussion here. Missed where they discussed episodes 1-5? Check that out here.

How Does the Chi Flow?

Kade: Did the second half of the season live up to what the first half promised?

Vincent: The second half exceeded my expectations. The fight scenes were way more dynamic—examples include the one with Misty and Colleen versus the Crane Sisters or most of the fights during the last two episodes. In terms of plot, I was pleasantly surprised with where they decided to take most of the characters, especially Colleen. I was surprised when they revealed they were going to give the Iron Fist to Colleen, and I sure as hell wasn’t expecting them to go through with it. It was a huge risk, but it paid off in spades. One of our main complaints was the lack of risks, but they held off to take a huge leap of faith during the second part of the season. It was fitting to put Colleen in that position; with today’s political climate, having a rich white boy be the savior of Chinatown might be a bad look. To me, the most interesting character has always been Colleen, so seeing her take a place of prominence is an exciting storytelling prospect. It also shows a smart dedication to evolving the story instead of anchoring it in the past like we’ve seen so often in comic books.

Kade: I think this half held up, but I thought they could’ve done more. The Crane Sisters fight was cool, but it cuts away before we see the thick of it. All the fights go well but seemed repetitive and simple, except—and I was surprised by this—Colleen versus all those teenagers. I’m probably holding it to a higher standard than I should, but this is a kung fu show and I think, even though they messed it up the first time around, they can do better. Granted, the story was great; all the characters, even Joy and Davos’s eyepatch minion, had development.

Vincent: I did enjoy where the characters went during the second half of the season. How do you feel about the ending with Colleen becoming the Iron Fist and Danny and Ward going to find Orson Randall?

Kade: Being a fan of the Fraction and Brubaker Iron Fist run, I’m super excited for Orson Randall, but I don’t know how I feel about Colleen yet. We didn’t really get to see her use the Iron Fist (especially with the sword), but I’m not turning away from the show yet. I’m excited for whatever they do next with her, but cautious. I do love her tattoo though.

Vincent: Agreed, I have a lot of excitement for the Orson Randall arc which leaves me begging for another season. I might be a little bit more excited than you about Colleen since she has been the most interesting character to me since season 1, but it was a big risk and I hope it will pay off the way the want it to.

Who Should Wield the Fist?

Misty and Colleen vs Crane sisters

Kade: So was Colleen getting the Iron Fist your favorite part? Or what were your favorite and least favorite parts?

Vincent: Colleen getting the Iron Fist was my favorite part for sure. It felt 100% genuine and earned and it also felt like the right step going forward for this franchise because it showed the showrunners really want to make Iron Fist something different from the comics by expanding their own mythos in strong direction. My least favorite part might have been the kind of separation and distance that was forced between Colleen and Danny. I get what they were going for, but ultimately it kind of made the impact of Danny leaving way weaker. The letter he left would have carried more weight if their relationship had been tighter. It would have added more tension between the two for the next season.

Kade: I thought it made his leaving stronger because she’s there like, What? My favorite part was when Joy and eyepatch minion discuss Davos, even though these are probably my least favorite characters. This really opened up one of the show’s weakest links. I’m also a sucker for when characters that I don’t think will interact, actually interact and show new sides to each other. My least favorite was Davos flipping out and killing Frank Choi. I don’t know if the power was corrupting him or if he was just paranoid. Also, there’s the missed opportunity of Danny calling out Davos’s terrible mother.

Vincent: I can see your point, but it lost some impact on me. I do agree on Davos. I pretty sure it was because the fist was corrupting him, but the execution was off. I’m not sure if the cause was the acting, the directing, or writing in that scene, but something didn’t feel right.

In The End

Kade: Alright, so what was your overall opinion of the season?

Vincent: I feel really good about this one. It started off fine and kept things safe, but built up to bigger things which make me excited for the future. I want us to get a Daughters of the Dragon show before season 3 of Iron Fist though. I think it would serve as a good bridge allowing Colleen’s character to showcase and grow into her newfound powers. It would also allow them to have a good time skip to set up the next season correctly. They left it on a pretty high note and created a lot of hype for me to look forward to. I would give it a solid 4 out of 5; there are still a few issues, but it’s much better than the previous season.

Kade: I agree that this was leaps and bounds better than season one and the character development was great, but they still lacked in the fight scenes for me. Still had epic looking fights, but there was no real art to them and it always cut away before it got really cool. So it’s a 3.5 out of 5 for me.



Vincent: 4 out of 5

Kade: 3.5 out of 5

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