REVIEW: Iron Fist S2E1-5 “Slow and Steady”


Written by Vincent Gauvin and Kade Battles

Kade and Vincent are back to discussing the Marvel Netflix TV shows this time around they take a swing at Iron Fist Season 2. Let’s see what they had to say.

Kung Fu Fighting

Kade: Iron Fist season one, love it or hate it, and most people including me did the latter, was a failure in most senses to live up to the characters and the story. So, knowing that, is season two even worth watching?

Vincent: The short answer, for me, yes. I might not be the biggest detractor of season one, but I had my issues with it. Season two crutches a lot on the previous installment, yet improves on what it did wrong to give us an enjoyable experience.

Kade: I agree though I think season one did one thing better. The first season, despite its many flaws, had some awesome fight choreography, this season has had a lot of fight scenes, but they felt kind of bland. From a studio that gave us Daredevil, I expect a little more. This season has been simple, is giving out a fun story and is using the slow build tactic. I like it so far. Don’t get me wrong the Davos and Danny flashback fight was great storytelling, but the fight choreography was tame compared to the last season.

Vincent: I do agree the fight scenes haven’t really impacted me so far they kind of just breeze through. The one fight I will say was beautifully shot was when Davos was in the club. The cinematography of that scene was insane. The slow build has actually been a plus for me. The only problem I have here is it was hyped to me as heavily inspired by the Immortal Iron Fist by Fraction and Brubaker, my favorite Iron Fist story, but I don’t get that feeling, so far this season.

Kade: The Davos fight was the best-filmed one for sure, but it was still quick and over before it could even start. Which is cool for Davos, but still left me wanting.


Kade: Who has been your favorite character and your least favorite so far this season?

Vincent: My favorite character is still Colleen Wing. She was the shining light of last season, for me, and Jessica Henwick still brings her “A” game in this role. I like the struggle she has with going back to being a vigilante and her involvement in the community.

Finn Jones elevated his performance and feels like a more thought out 3-dimensional character this season; with the way, he treats the triad war is more intelligent than most of what the character did last season. He could just wipe-out the Triads like Davos wants to do, but he understands it’s more complex situation because by getting rid of the Hand he left a power vacuum and he can’t repeat that mistake it would lead to deeper suffering. This type of character growth is such a great thing to see. My least favorite character is Joy. Her motivation for doing what she’s is super flimsy and, to me, her performance feels uninspired.

Kade: Colleen has been great, and Danny’s been better, but I think a lot of his development this season has been more that he has a clear goal at the beginning to stop the Triads, but the rest has been through Davos and Mary. I think they’ve been awesome villains too, but my favorite character is Ward.

I don’t know, why but his addiction and recovery arc has been beautiful, especially when it comes to a head in “Heart of the Dragon” episode five. The comparison between Danny’s power and addiction was beautiful, which also developed Danny more. I think some of the best superhero stories are developing the main character through the supporting cast, which season two has done excellently. My least favorite is also Joy. She just needs to talk to them and realize she’s being an idiot.

Vincent: Yes, Ward has been a treat to watch on screen. In five episodes I went from hating him to actually appreciating him, and seeing his human side was so revealing. His journey adds depth to him and those around him. Davos acts like the perfect foil for Danny, showing the dark path the Iron Fist can take and why Danny’s wisdom is essential in wielding such a powerful weapon.

My knowledge of Typhoid Mary is basically null so I don’t know if her character is on point, but I love the dissociative identity disorder angle it’s really unique. The Walker persona is extremely creepy and the performance is outstanding, but the look of the character is disappointing. That seems to be a recurring problem with the Netflix shows. Typhoid Mary has a very distinctive look and as much as I understand the more grounded approach I’d like them to embrace the more crazy looking stuff. The Iron Fist mask was a nice nod, but I want more.

Kade: This is definitely a new take on Typhoid Mary so far. She’s an old Daredevil villain, sometimes a lover, and a mutant in the comics, but she has multiple personalities like that. I hope Mary goes crazy, but the slow burn is okay for now. Oh, and Misty is killing it in this show too. We are gifted with getting her in this and Luke Cage. Her and Colleen: Daughters of the Dragon! I want the next show with these characters to be Power Man & Iron Fist or Heroes for Hire with all of them.

Vincent: I just need my Daughters of the Dragon show right about now. Marvel should stop teasing us I need it now!


Vincent: Overall, I thought it was a good opening to the season nothing mind-blowing, but I appreciated it. My verdict would have to be 3.5 out of 5 it wasn’t perfect, but it was good fun.

Kade: I liked it, but I thought they were playing it a little too safe. Last season was a bunch of dumb risks, but this season didn’t really have any so far. 3 out of 5, but I’ve got hope for the next five episodes.

Typhoid Mary first appeared in Daredevil #254

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