REVIEW: Hunt for Wolverine: Dead Ends #1

Hunt for Wolverine Dead Ends 1 2018 featured image

HUNT FOR WOLVERINE: DEAD ENDS #1 / Writer: Charles Soule / Artist: Ramon Rosanas / Colorist: Guru-eFX / Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino / Cover Artist: Marco Chechetto /  Publisher: Marvel Comics / August 28, 2018Hunt for Wolverine Dead Ends 1 2018

Quantity Over Quality

When Marvel announced the original Wolverine was coming back, I was ecstatic. Don’t get me wrong I loved Old Man Logan and X-23 as Wolverine, but there’s something about the original claw popper that stabs right into my heart. Sadly, Charles Soule (She-Hulk and Daredevil) didn’t exactly give me the excitement I wanted in this one shot.

Quality of the four previous Hunt for Wolverine mini-series: Weapon Lost, Adamantium Agenda, Mystery in Madripoor, and Claws of a Killer aside, this issue ends up feeling like an awkward tie-up of all four series instead of an exciting taste of what’s to come.

Ramon Rosanas (Astonishing Ant-Man and Marvel 1602 Spider-Man) does a great job on the art, I love seeing Iron Man fly around with Storm and Firestar, and there are some great scenes in the issue. Like when Stark and Daredevil show up at the Xavier’s School and the Betsy Braddock is back in her own body stuff is looked at, but otherwise, it’s just a bunch of I don’t know and name dropping.

Hunt for Wolverine Dead Ends 1 2018 Iron Man Storm and Firestar Scene

Too Many Events

This feels like it’s setting up a bunch of future Marvel stuff with the X-Men and Daredevil and even Iron Man maybe. The problem with that is I thought Extermination was setting up new X-Men stuff, right? Also, Infinity Wars is doing stuff too. So, what order are these events in? Tony still has A.I. gal pal Friday and Daken’s dead again, at least these characters think he is, but he was in X-Men Blue recently so is this after that?

Hunt for Wolverine Dead Ends 1 2018 Betsy Braddock Scene

Where are the helpful editor notes that tell the reader “hey this stuff happened here at this time.” Maybe they’ll explain it in Return of Wolverine, but as of now, I’m confused. I’m usually not this worried about where an issue lines up in the continuity, but the story wasn’t compelling enough to look past it.

In the Long Run

Now, this issue wasn’t completely terrible, the hints at the bigger story and the mysterious villain have me intrigued for what’s to come. I know Charles Soule can write a Wolverine story because Death of Wolverine was great and he had me on the edge of my seat on a weekly basis with Wolverines. I think he can do well with this character maybe even go down in history, but so far I’m less than enthused about what’s to come. Maybe this is one of those events that are better to read in completion than as it’s coming out, but I have high hopes that one of my favorite characters will have an epic long-awaited return.

Verdict: 2 out of 5

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