REVIEW: Avengers #8

AVENGERS #8 / Writer: Jason Aaron / Artist: David Marquez / Colorist: Justin Ponsor / Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit / Publisher: Marvel / September 19th, 2018

Avengers #8 is the issue I’ve been waiting for, since this series got its Fresh Start. The last issue I reviewed was issue #2 and I had a few problems with the series, which didn’t get better with each subsequent issue. Yet I kept on, because the stakes were high and the potential even greater. Issue #7 was the reason I kept reading past the first arc; the origin of 1 000 000 BC Ghost Rider was executed beautifully and washed away the sour taste I had from the Dark Celestials arc which was muddy in execution. This latest issue builds on the strength of its predecessor and truly solidifies the potential I saw in the first issue for this team. This had the much needed classic Avengers feel which I had been craving since that initial kick-off issue.

At the end of the previous arc, the Avengers have defeated the Final Host and Loki. The Celestials took the Trickster God away but left a gift for Earth’s mightiest heroes: The corpse of the Progentior. This landmark becomes the new headquarters for Hearth’s Mightiest: Avengers Mountain. This issue takes time to pick our heroes’ brains and provides a calm doorway leading to the next conflict which seems to put the Avengers in between Atlantis and Roxxon.

The element that makes this issue so great, which was lacking in beforehand, is this need to slow things down and talk things out. I understand the fact that it might not have been possible with the Avengers having to fight off the literal end of the world, but issue #8 seems likes a long wait to get the setting and ambiance for the team going.

Carol and Tony finally talk things out regarding Civil War II. It was short, sweet and it finally got this whole thing out of the way. Jason Aaron really handled both personalities amazingly which made their conversation feel organic. I would have, personally, liked for both of them to apologize and get the bad blood out of the air, but as long as we don’t bring it back up I’m happy that it’s out of the way.

Aaron truly owns the characters distinct personalities in every interaction of Avengers #8 which is the biggest strength of the issue. I actually get a Hickman feel from this book and hopefully it will continue for the rest of this run. The Avengers being a global response force is an interesting aspect and I can’t wait to see how this will be handled going forward.

One great idea is the reserve 8th member I love how this is going to allow the creative team to cycle through various characters from the Marvel Universe and give them a well-deserved spotlight. This issue really shapes the future of the team in a bright light.

I really loved the importance put on Ghost Rider, She-Hulk and Black Panther this issue. Robbie Reyes being the rookie of the team brings a fun dimension to the team in this fresh voice who can bring outside perspective and add a certain level depth to the Avengers roster. His interaction with Cap at the start screams classic Avengers where you could observe the bond being built between the two.

She-Hulk is starting to experience a certain renaissance under Jason Aaron she has this whole new aspect to her power that is really intriguing and seems to be a very important plot point. I can’t wait to see how it will impact Jen going forward and how the team will react to her hulking out on this extreme level. Her relationship with Thor is not something I was expecting, but the development of their romantic involvement is expertly written which makes me so invested in seeing where this is going.

T’Challa now takes the center stage of the Avengers by being their new chairman. This is probably the best move by this series it propels the Avengers in a modern age and makes them even more relevant to our diverse world. This moves truly reflect today’s social and popular climate perfectly; times are changing and so are the Avengers. T’Challa also said something really important when he said that world powers would not be happy with this decision. I believe this will come as an important element going forward in the story especially in the coming arc with the face-off again Atlantis.

The art in this book is fantastic. David Marquez’ work is constantly a treat to gaze upon he owns this heroic style that makes two people walking side by side looks cinematic. His pencils make the best come out of these characters; their personalities shine to the forefront and make everyone, even Loki and Namor, seem likable.

The Namor armor design was actually such a pleasant surprise for this issue I enjoyed the costume a lot. The shell looking armor made him seem dominant and regal while displaying the King of Atlantis’ most prominent feature.

The coloring by Justin Ponsor was a style I thought was fitting for this issue. After the last arc, which was high octane action heavy, the grainy look in the colors gave a sober tone to Avengers #8. It puts the reader in an atmosphere of calm and helps translate the exposition while avoiding distraction. The art ties itself so deeply with the writing in this issue it conveys the tone and provides the best visual support for this story.

Overall, Avengers #8 was a slow ride which came as a breath of fresh air after the last issues being so fast-paced. I enjoyed all the concepts thrown and seeing some of my favorite heroes just interact with each other and build the Avengers family-like relationship which is essential for this team. The story evolves into its next arc and pushes a lot of ideas forward in an elegant way which makes me excited for the future of this team. With amazing art to complete this neatly packaged issue.

Verdict: 4.5 Toasts of France out of 5

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Rurouni KJS
September 25, 2018 1:41 pm

Definitely agree: This was the Avengers I’ve been wanting from the start.