A Fresh Start For Miles Morales

This week there has been no shortage of news in regards to the comic book world, but the one which got everyone on the edge of their seats is that Saladin Ahmed will be taking over writing duties for Miles Morales. The Miles Morales saga is something we’ve been following closely here at Do You Even Comic Book!? We finally got answers and I can assure you we’re all really excited.

A few months back when Brian Micheal Bendis, the creator of Miles, left Marvel he assured everyone that is creations were all in good hands. With Jessica Jones currently being tackled by Kelly Thompson and Eve Ewing soon launching her Riri Williams solo run it’s safe to say he didn’t lie. The last big question mark was Miles Morales whom Bendis co-created with Sara Pichelli as part of the Ultimate Universe line seven years ago. The Ultimate Spider-Man is probably Bendis’ most popular creation, therefore, anticipation for this new creative team was high. Being of African-American & Puerto Rican descent, Miles has been an icon, since his inception, of representation for young readers of color across the world.

Lately, Miles has appeared regularly as part of the Champions by Jim Zub and Sean Izaakse and we’ve seen a stint of him in the Venom run by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman. The only other hint of Miles has been in an annual published at the beginning of August by Bryan Edward Hill and Nelson Blake II which was a retcon of his origin as part of the main Marvel Universe. It was generally well received amongst fans and critics which lead to a lot of people believing this was the new creative team, but Hill quickly debunked the rumors on Twitter saying that Miles was in very good hands. On top of that, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is releasing in December which will showcase Morales front and center. With all this riding behind the young wall-crawler, a new solo on-going was getting essential. Marvel finally revealed that in December the legacy of Miles Morales would be continued by none other than Saladin Ahmed and Javier Garrón.

Saladin Ahmed made his entry on the comic book stage, and Marvel, last year writing the Eisner winning Black Bolt and has since been writing Exiles. Despite his detractors, from the group who shall not be named, Ahmed’s work has received nothing but praise from fans and critics alike. With Black Bolt, he showed readers not only his masterful storytelling abilities but his ability to write dark brooding tales which hit the deepest chords of one’s heart. While writing Exiles he’s showcased wit, humor, and fun that can be enjoyed by all ages. This range and versatility make him the perfect writer for a character like Miles who toes the line between tragic and fun on a constant basis. He also wrote an Amazing Spider-Man annual which will be published next week this will serve as a great way to judge how well he handles the Spider-Man style of comics for fans to look forward to.

Javier Garrón is the artist behind most of Matthew Rosenberg’s Secret Warriors run and the most recent Ant-Man & the Wasp book. His art style will be more than a welcome addition to the wall-crawler’s gallery. He masters a very comic book feel with high octane action which gives an edge to a character like Spider-Man. Seeing how is art meshes with Ahmed’s writing will be interesting since it’s the first time Ahmed will be working with this style of art.

This run has all the elements to succeed with a superstar creative team and a fan favorite character it’s hard to not be excited. Ahmed and Garrón will have a lot of pressure riding on their shoulders, but I have faith in the story that is to come. Tell us what you think about this upcoming run on Miles Morales.

Vincent is Canadian and a raving Cyclops apologist and a lover of all things geek Marvel and Star Wars are his specialty. He is well versed in DC, Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings. He's always wanted to be a writer and Do You Even Comic Book? is his first foray into that adventure.

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