Do You Even Comic Book’s Top 5 Comics of July 2018

July was a hot month for comics. There were several new number 1’s along with some highly emotional issues that marked major milestones or turning points in other series’. Across all the major companies there were some great stories to be told. After consulting the comic community we’ve come up with a list of the top 5 comics for July. In order they are:

5. Catwoman #1

Catwoman #1 Top 5 Comics July 2018 Do You Even Comic Book

After leaving Batman high and dry at the metaphorical alter, Selina jumped city to deal with her decision and finds herself facing an army of copy cats. Joelle Jones on both script and line art shows that she has deft skill with action, depth, and emotional balance.

4. X-23 #1

X-23 #1 Top 5 Comics July 2018 Do You Even Comic Book

With Laura returning to her own name in X-23 #1, she and Gabby find themselves in the middle of a clone predicament. This book has already been a strong start after the 30+ issue run of All-New Wolverine, establishing that Laura and Gabby are here to stay.

3. Captain America #1

Captain America #1 Top 5 Comics July 2018 Do You Even Comic Book

Ta-nehisi Coates proves that he has a grasp on the gravity of the situation Steve Rogers has to deal with following the Secret Empire. His craftsmanship in the comic book arena has improved drastically and he’s set the the precedence for an amazing series going forward.

2. Immortal Hulk #3 (and 4)

Immortal Hulk #4 Top 5 Comics July 2018 Do You Even Comic Book

Al Ewing proves time and time again that he needs to be protected at all costs. This run on Hulk has been like none ever before and it deserves the highest of praise. If you are looking for a series that gives you call backs to the grey Hulk with a morbid since of hero complex, this is the book for you.


1. Venom #4

Venom #4 Top 5 Comics July 2018 Do You Even Comic Book

Donny Cates has redefined what it means to create an origin stories while connecting lore from other comics into that origin at the same time. Without a doubt, Venom is currently one of the best ongoing comics on the stands and if you aren’t reading it than you are missing out.

Honorable Mentions

Saga #54

Weatherman #1

Thor #2

Spider-Man #1

Jessica Jones #1

Skyward #4

Batman #51


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