REVIEW: Cloak and Dagger s1e6 “Funhouse Mirrors”

Claok and Dagger Tyron and Tandy

WARNING! SPOILER ALERT!. This week on Cloak and Dagger, Tyrone and Tandy glimpse into the futures they could have had, had the night of the Roxxon oil rig explosion never happened. Tandy meets the scientist daughter of a man who worked with Nathan Bowen, while Tyrone tries to go work for Duane, his brother’s best friend back in the neighborhood in which they used to live.

Tante: Natural cycles we live and die by.

Elvira: What do you mean? Another hurricane?

Tante: In some cycles. In others fire, famine, disease, war. We’re a goodie bag of bad ooie down here.

Each section of the show begins with Elvira and her tante in the vaudum shop. Tante’s delivery of vital exposition informs us viewers without boring us. The director cut this scene into manageable pieces that maintain the viewers attention. The dialogue did well conveying the concern Tante had for the future and Elvira’s affection for Tyrone.

Duane: Some of us have to work. Look out there. This city? It’s a city of survivors.

Tyrone: Survivors of what?

Duane: Whatever the world throws at you. The world keeps trying to bring us down, but we rise up…always.

Cloak and Dagger Tyrone and Duane

Tyrone’s story this week is really Duane’s arc. Marvel excels at the morally grey characters such as Billy’s best friend Duane the drug dealer. He partners with the very man who killed his best friend to sell drugs. Yet he’s proud of Tyrone and doesn’t want to give him a job selling drugs. In the end, when Connors sets him up to shoot O’Reilly, I believe Duane was never going to pull the trigger.  He took Tyrone’s speech to heart and chose to die rather than to kill a cop who was only trying to do her job. Some may say that he wasn’t fast enough on the draw. I say he refused to kill her.

Mina Hess: No magic, just science we don’t understand

Tandy poses as an intern to Mina Hess, whose father worked with Tandy’s dad. Mina is a welcome addition to the show. Her cheerful demeanor brings a smile to my face. I was anxious waiting to see if Tandy would use Dagger’s hope powers against Mina. In the end she didn’t, but the writing kept me wondering and hoping for the friendship I see forming between them.

Cloak and Dagger Mina and Tandy

This week’s Cloak and Dagger blew my mind. Week after week, I’ve waited to either like or hate the show. Instead, it bored me over and over. Not this week though. This week I liked Cloak and Dagger, I really liked it. With a natural pacing and interesting arcs for the characters, Cloak and Dagger amazed me.

MY VERDICT 4.5 out of 5 Stars

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