REVIEW: Cloak and Dagger S1E5- “Princeton Offense”

Cloak and Dagger- Basketball Rally

WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD! The connections on Cloak and Dagger weave a web filled with deceit. Corruption oozes everywhere, and even those, like Tyron’s mother, who aren’t evil are tainted by the evil of others. In this episode, Tandy relentlessly pursues Roxxon Corporation while Tyrone plays in the state championship basketball game.

Cloak and Dagger-Tandy studying

Freeform is a channel for teens and post-teens, so a romance was bound to happen. A minor arc in Cloak and Dagger is the relationship between Tyrone and Evita. I ship them. I really do, but this week reeked of predictability. At first, before the big game, Tyrone didn’t offer Evita his letterman’s jacket. Then, in private, he did. After he missing the winning shot and losing the game, he assumed she’d give it back. She didn’t because, I don’t know, true love? If you’re bored reading that, you know how I felt watching it play out. I see no real significance for it to the overall plot of the show either; it’s just filler teen drama.

Judy: This is New Orleans. And some of the men who foot the bill for our girls, they expect something in return. Whether or not you give that to them is completely your choice. But the company cannot be implicated or the client blamed if they take a swing and miss.

Team drama aside, this web of corruption fascinates me. Up until now, Detective O’Reilly seemed like one of the good cops. Then, in this episode, she had sex in a squad car with a fellow officer and snorted cocaine. Now I’m not sure I trust her. We also learn that Tyrone’s mom—also a good guy—had Roxxon for a client. Billy’s friend, Duane, sold drugs provided by Connors—the man who murdered Billy. It’s awful that Duane knows that the corrupt cop killed Billy and works with him anyway.

Cloak and Dagger-Detective O'Reilly

Duane: You got skills, little man. You always did. Billy would love this. He’d be about to bust. I think about him all the time. The plans we had? That was the dream. We was making next to nothing installing car stereos out of that old-ass garage, being our own men.

Five episodes in and the protagonists of Cloak and Dagger still don’t know exactly how to use their gifts, although Tandy has improved considerably. Her solution? She tries kill herself. Tyrone was a mess, constantly teleporting all over the place or seeing the fears of anyone who touched him. After this long, it’s starting to feel dragged out.

MY VERDICT:  3 out of 5 stars

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