Do You Even Duel Tournament 4, Round 3

Brother Voodoo Featured Do You Even Duel

Tournament 4, Round 2, left us with some difficult decisions! However after perusing the talents and skills of the combatants several times, we’ve come finally to a conclusion.

In the case of the mutant Rogue up against the user of exotic magic, Brother Voodoo, there are a number of things to consider. First, Rogue’s body, with the powers of Wonder Man at her disposal, is near indestructible. Her speed, and strength are also incredible when taking into consideration not only his abilities, but also the compounded strength of Captain Marvel. One blow can take out Brother Voodoo.

On the other hand, Voodoo is a magic user that uses the most unexpected and uncouth methods to take out beings that most earthy individuals, metahuman, mutant or otherwise, simply wouldn’t have the means to fight. With the spirit of Daniel Drumm, Jericho has the ability to possess Rogue and attack her with a host of voodoo magic that have been use to rend even the most powerful of demons. There isn’t much a means for her to fight back against such a tactic. Due to Rogue having far less avenues of attack than a magic user, this win goes to Brother Voodoo.

In the case of Klarion vs. Ultron, we have the age old bout of magic vs. technology. In this case, Ultron has reached an extreme height in his technological evolution, while Klarion, though powerful, has much skill still to learn. However, Klarion has also taken down demons of great strength and won in combat against a magic and technology (dual) user. While there are a number of things Klarion can do to protect against Ultron, Ultron, other than his body itself doesn’t have much of any protection against magic. This win goes to Klarion.

And so we have our final bout…

Brother Voodoo vs. Klarion

Klarion Do You Even Duel

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