ButWhyTho Episode 68: The Wasp Matters

With Ant-Man and the Wasp coming out this week we decided to dive into the history of one of the most important but overlooked Avengers: The Wasp. With the help from special guest Ash from The Safari Zone, Star Ships, and Skyhoppers podcasts, we dive into what makes the Wasp so unique and why she matters immensely to Marvel, fans, and hopefully, the MCU.


From — The Safari ZoneThe Skyhoppers Podcast, Starships
Follow her @ErsatzAsh 

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Kate is a Chicana, podcaster, pop culture scholar, and mutant. With But Why Tho? She, along with Matt, Adrian use their love and knowledge of popular culture to talk from their hearts about why the things they love matter beyond fandoms on ButWhyTho? Podcast.

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