REVIEW: The Magic Order #1- “Mafia with Wands”

THE MAGIC ORDER #1 / Writer: Mark Millar / Artist: Oliver Coipel / Colorist: Dave Stewart / Letterer: Peter Doherty / Cover Artist: Oliver Coipel with Dave Stewart/ June 13, 2018

The Magic Order #1 Cover

Comic fans have been anticipating this series since the Millarworld/ Netflix agreement unveiled at Image Expo in February. They didn’t know what the first result would be, but here it is, The Magic Circle, and having been a reader of Mark Millar since his mini-series Marvel 1985, following his many works up to present day and though the all-star writer’s career has had it’s ups and downs, The Magic Order #1 is definitely an up.

Based off this issue alone it seems we don’t have another Mark Millar (Kick-Ass, Jupiter’s Legacy) book that feels more like a pitch for a movie instead of a well written comic book. Oliver Coipel (The Unworthy Thor, House of M) draws a gritty, but colorful magical world about this intriguing magic family in the form of Mafia. This is the Sopranos meets Houdini meets Chinatown meets Harry Potter.

Cordelia Moonstone in the back of a police car.The story revolves around Leonard Moonstone and his three children: Cordelia, a drunk washout, Regan, a nightclub owner, and Gabriel who has forsaken the way of magic after the death of his daughter to live a normal life with his wife Louise. The story starts with a hitman killing off one wizard and ends with him killing another while giving us a glimpse in the wizarding world of Mark Millar. This reviewer is hard pressed to point out a problem with this issue, because, down to the most minute details, Millar and Coipel have told a perfect issue.

The Moonstone family is intriguing. Leonard doing the classic Houdini catch the bullet in your mouth thrick, Cordelia the drunk, but vastly talented disappointment who escapes a police car in seconds after getting arrested at a child’s birthday party, Regan, who we get the least of in this issue, sitting on a cloud while warning his brother Gabriel that might be the most powerful of the three of them shopping seems vastly interesting in the issue. Sure this is due to Millar’s stellar script, but the expression Coipel shows in the book is amazing. The way Cordelia slouches in the police car, Regan’s I’m ready to fight expression, the frown on Leonard’s face at the funeral, and the face Gabriel makes buying toilet paper is most assuredly the face everyone makes.

Gabriel shopping while his brother warns him of the oncoming crisis.

Another praise for this issue is how, like this reviewer mentioned earlier, is the mix of mafia (without crime for the most part) and magic. While re-reading the issue, which is easy to do because it’s beautiful and the perfect mix of prose and art, I had a realization about the murderer of the two wizards. He’s not just a wizard killer, he’s a hitman. A magic hitman! As if this book couldn’t get better.

In conclusion this is a beautiful book, a labor of love, and good omen for the future of Millarworld and Netflix’s partnership. I do caution readers that Millar has a knack of starting out strong and ending anti-climactically or rushing the story because as this reviewer mentioned before a lot of his comics seem to be written with the intent of becoming movies. There’s a gap in medium there that can ruin a book, but as far as issue one The Magic Order is practically perfect in every way.

Verdict: 5 out of 5

If you want to know more about the Milarworld Netflix deal here’s a link.

Oh, is this a bio? I better tell people who I am and what I do, right? Well, that’s easy I’ll just explain that I’m a writer of sorts who goes under the alias of Nobody, but my friends call me Kade, because that’s my name. I’m a student working on a degree in creative writing.

Oh, is this a bio? I better tell people who I am and what I do, right? Well, that's easy I'll just explain that I'm a writer of sorts who goes under the alias of Nobody, but my friends call me Kade, because that's my name. I'm a student working on a degree in creative writing.

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