REVIEW: The Flash #48- “Return of Zoom”

REVIEW The Flash 48 Featured Image

Writer: Joshua Williamson / Artist: Howard Porter / Colorist: Hi-Fi / Letterer: Steve Wands / Cover Artist: Porter and Hi-Fi / Publisher: DC Comics / June 13, 2018The Flash 48 Cover

Joshua Williamson (Nailbiter and Birthright) and Howard Porter (JLA and Justice League 3000) have brought Flash fans a war between Wally West and Barry Allen that they never knew they wanted. Readers see the repercussions of interactions with the Renegades, a group of future super cops themed after The Flash’s Rogues, and finally the confrontation between Wally and Hunter Zolomon a.k.a Zoom. Fans of the classic Geoff Johns run will remember the villain who recently returned at the end of The Flash Annual. Williamson has taken the scarlet speedster and given him the well written sadness and bittersweet hope he gave his previous series at Image Comics.

He has done this while staying true to the characters of The Flash mythos throughout his forty-eight issue run. Williamson has created new villains, handled classics, and delved into characters with ease while putting original spins on their stories. The aptly titled Flash War story-line is no different. The majority of this issue revolves around Wally and Zoom talking about what he’s lost since Flashpoint, ending with them arguing over whether or not to save what Wally lost due to Barry’s reboot-level screw-up.

Meanwhile, Howard Porter’s art carries an amazing expression with each character. Expressions that mix perfectly with Williamson’s script. When Wally looks at the remains of his old life in the Flash museum this reviewer’s heart breaks a little. As well as when Commander Cold, the future cop version of Captain Cold, remarks “Well then, maybe it’s time I go rogue.” I mean… is there a term for something so cliché it works? Because that would be the word to describe that moment.

Wally looking at his lost life in the Flash Museum

There was a lack of actual action throughout the issue. Which was mostly made up of through flashback sequences in the background as Wally began to remember his past life talking to Zoom. Sure there were cool punches here and there, but the main story is the conflict between Wally and Barry as pointed out by Zoom.

Zoom is one of the best DC villain’s, period, and a gem of the Geoff Johns golden age of comics back in the mid-2000s. Interestingly the character doesn’t want to be evil per se. He wants to make Flash better through tragedy; like, you know, killing Wally’s unborn children back in the day for instance. He’s supposedly changed in this issue, trying only to fix what Barry broke, but you can’t guess with Williamson penning the story. In the end Zoom succeeds, he lights the conflict between Wally and Barry anew.

Commander Cold Well I think its about time I go Rogue

The conflict which, without spoiling, is this: Barry went back in time to save his Mom, this made Wally as we knew him not exist and his past life not exist, but Wally came back and now he wants to “pull a Barry” to save what he lost. Barry wants to stop him because he learned from the mistake of messing with time travel while Wally thinks he only feels it’s wrong because it’s not for Barry’s benefit. So Wally’s trying to save his old life while Barry’s trying to save Wally from a terrible mistake. Does Zoom actually want whats best? Are Iris and Kid Flash going to be okay? Only one way to find out and that’s to add Flash to your pull list, which everyone should be doing. This run is one of the best series at DC right now and the best run since Geoff Johns wrote the character.

Verdict: 4.5 out of 5

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