REVIEW: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #28 “So Many Power Rangers”

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MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS # 28 / Writer: Kyle Higgins / Artist: Daniele Di Nicuolo / Inker: Simona Di Gianfelice / Colorist: Walter Baiamonte / Letterer Ed Dukeshire / Cover Artist: Jamal Campbell / Publisher: Boom / June 20, 2018Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 28 Cover

Now, this is only part three of the Shattered Grid story so far, not including Go Go Power Rangers story because there’s no way to know if it will tie-in or not, but things are finally starting to come together. The creative team is handling over twenty-five years of Power Rangers with over 120 characters to use, and that’s only counting rangers. The teams from several series coming together to fight the evil Lord Drakkon, a power-hungry Tommy Oliver from another timeline, and save the entire Morphin Grid. Kyle Higgins (Nightwing and C.O.W.L.) and Daniele Di Nicuolo (Adventure Time Comics) continue this awesome homage to a significant part of many a childhood.

Every cover of in this storyline by Jamal Campbell has given this reviewer some old school “Pick up off the shelf” feeling. This week’s cover is no different. Featuring a collection of SPD and RPM rangers versus Lord Drakkon’s amalgamed ranger minions in battle. This is an example of a good comic book cover, shows you what’s in the book without giving away the story inside.

The thing Higgins does right is he assumes the reader is a fan of the shows. Power Rangers is such a niche part of fandom it would ruin the series if he tried to explain the deal with each character as they showed up. There aren’t any unnecessary explanations for SPD or Lightspeed Rescue, he just shows the reader. Higgins and Nicuolo show this by having Sky Tate, SPD Blue Ranger, project force fields and Carter Grayson, Lightspeed Rescue Red Ranger, point out he’s a firefighter.

Also, they don’t just get the good rangers right in this issue, but the bad ones too. Apparently, every evil ranger has decided to join Lord Drakkon, which is a little deus ex machina, but you barely notice since you’re freaking out when SPD A-Squad shows up. Then before you can process that, the flipping Psycho Rangers show up. Then, if you’re am an obsessed fan like this reviewer, you turn some pages back to the beautiful two-page spread of the all-out ranger fight to see if you can spot some more evil rangers. Only to see Koragg, The Knight Wolf from Mystic Force standing across from RPM Red Ranger. Then you wonder “Why wasn’t this issue about their fight and nothing else?” That’s the problem with telling a good story with so many characters, there’s no way your gonna get every team up and fight you want, but at least Higgins hinted at a fight with Koragg which was more than I was even expecting.

REVIEW Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 28 Inside Pterodactyl Zord

In conclusion, this continues to be one of the best series out right now. If you are a Power Rangers fan and you aren’t buying this book then you need to kick yourself hard in the shin every morning in repentance. Not actually, because that would be painful and this reviewer does not condone self-harm. Anyway, this book was able to use an absurd amount of characters well and crafted a great chapter in what’s looking to be an amazing story.

Verdict: 4 out of 5

Oh, is this a bio? I better tell people who I am and what I do, right? Well, that’s easy I’ll just explain that I’m a writer of sorts who goes under the alias of Nobody, but my friends call me Kade, because that’s my name. I’m a student working on a degree in creative writing.

Oh, is this a bio? I better tell people who I am and what I do, right? Well, that's easy I'll just explain that I'm a writer of sorts who goes under the alias of Nobody, but my friends call me Kade, because that's my name. I'm a student working on a degree in creative writing.

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