Netflix Saves The Devil- Lucifer Renewed


It was announced late afternoon on June 15th that Netflix had purchased the rights to produce season 4 of fan-favorite Lucifer. 

Things looked grim after Fox failed to renew Lucifer for its next season, which left fans particularly despairing after the climax and unanswered questions left hanging at the end of Season 3. Fox originally canceled the show in May, but after a dedicated #SaveLucifer campaign waged by fans on social media, Netflix has decided to add Lucifer to its ever-increasing list of comic-inspired shows. The social media campaign had apparently garnered enough interest that both Amazon and Netflix had expressed interest in continuing the show.

We know we have a few fans that will be exceptionally excited to see this literal last-second save.

And, perhaps, it’s time for networks to consider further revamping the measurement for shows that are predominantly streamed and even look at a shows social media presence. Both Brooklyn 99 and Lucifer were canceled this year and the public outcry ensured they at least move to another platform for future seasons. There is no denying that the social media campaigns had an effect, but will it be enough for networks to start considering leveraging their power before they cancel a show? Time will tell.

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