Do You Even Duel!? Tournament 4, Round 2

Rogue Featured Do You Even Duel

In the first round of Do You Even Duel!? We had some difficult match ups but after much discussion, I think we are ready to bring them home.

First, in regards to Loki vs. Brother Voodoo, the decision came down to a battle of wits, power and personality. While Loki is a god with extensive experience and expertise in the mystic arts, and may have Brother Voodoo beat out in terms of raw power, magic simply a power of power level. Brother Voodoo uses an uncommon form of magic and specializes specifically in dealing with threats like Loki. He’d be shrewd while Loki would be overconfident. With his mastery of Psychology and access to the power of many gods as well the possession power of his brother, it’s been decided that the favor leans more in his favor. Winner: Brother Voodoo.

Big Barda is a god with strength that can rival that of Wonder Woman. She’s a warrior born of the fire pits of Apokolips. She’s near unmatched with hand to hand combat. However Rogue, with the power of both Captain Marvel and the near immortal Wonder Man at her disposal, strength, and durability could match and very likely exceed Big Barda blow for blow. And while she may not be as deft a fighter as her, her speed will certainly be an issue for the New God. Combine that with her mutant ability to touch and steal powers, memories, and drain strength, she takes this win. Winner: Rogue.

Vandal Savage is an old vile, scheming man with intense regenerative abilities and the gift of immortality. But that has never been an issue when it comes to most magic users. And Klarion The Witch-Boy is no run of the mill magician. He’s traveled the dimensions, slain powerful demons and can use his powers in the most manipulative of ways, not to mention the ferocity of his familiar, Teekl. Vandal Savage really has nothing that combat a magic user of his caliber. Winner: Klarion.

Finally the weather witch, Storm controls the powers of the elements and in many match ups would prove to be a powerful opponent. Still, while she may offer resistance to the ever evolving Ultron, she falls short of having a definitive way to defeat him. Her most powerful offensive attack being lightning strikes would not be enough to work against the adamantium hide of the killer robot. Furthermore, a powerful enough blast of his could be enough to incinerate her on successful hit. Add his processing speed and intelligence and Storm has nothing. Winner: Ultron.

So let’s get started with Round 2!

Brother Vood vs. Rogue

Brother Voodoo Do You Even Duel Rogue Do You Even Duel

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Klarion vs. Ultron

Klarion Do You Even Duel Ultron Do You Even Duel

Discuss the battle here or comment below!

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