Do You Even Duel!?- The DYECB Community Tournament Game!

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Next Tournament

Do You Even Duel!? Tournament 4 has completed. New Tournament opening tonight! Follow the #DoYouEvenDuel hashtag to join in the discussion!

Do You Even Duel!? Well do ya? Do You Even Duel!? is a Do You Even Comic Book!? community tournament game in which 8 randomly selected players will draft from a pool of 20 pre-selected characters and the community discusses who would win. There are no votes, only intense analysis of character personalities and skills. So no popularity contest wins!

How it works

  1. Using twitter (follow the #DoYouEvenDuel hashtag for updates) we will announce that a duel. Simply reply to that tweet for entry.
  2. Players will respond will be entered into a randomly generated draw and randomly chosen. Only 8 players will be chosen out of the group.
  3. After participants are chosen, they will be tweeted out in an order. Following that order will be a tweet that indicates the pool of characters which can be chosen. In order, those selected will choose characters. Drafting is meant to be fast, and players must be present. If they don’t choose within 10 minutes of their turn the next person who would have been added to the order (i.e. #9 on the random ordered list) will take that slot.
  4. Once you have a character, they will be submitted into a randomly generated bracket, and those brackets will be tweeted out for the community to discuss who would win using the #DoYouEvenComicBook and #DoYouEvenDuel tags.
  5. The winners, based on conversation from the community will be decided by The #DoYouEvenComicBook community. Skills, powers, limitation, personalities and morals are all taken into consideration.
  6. This will ensue until there is a final victor. And that last fight will be written into a short narrative and the person who chose that character will receive a prize of sorts!

Past Tournament Finals

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