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Two years ago, I said that the Deadpool film is the most important comic book movie in years. Sure there’s been plenty of R-Rated comic book films (Blade, Punisher, Kick-Ass, etc.) but none that actually shared a universe with other non R Rated movies. Hollywood needed to know that not only can this be done but it can also be a lucrative success. Not only did the first Deadpool movie deliver but it exceeded expectations; and that success led to one of the greatest comic films ever, Logan. Fox wasn’t afraid to give it a shot again and it still worked.

So how do you not only top your genre breaking first movie but also top the film you inspired that people call a masterpiece? That is the question that must be answered in Wade’s highly anticipated sequel, Deadpool 2.

How do you destroy a man? Give him his heart’s desire. Deadpool 2 starts with Wade hitting rock bottom. Wade gets the fame, popularity and success from being a merc but then it costs him. This is a different side of Deadpool that hasn’t been explored yet. You actually feel bad for him in the first act. But this leads to the idea of family and reaching for help that is so well done you’d think it was a Fast & Furious film that doesn’t suck. Which is a separate direction from the last film that was mostly about him trying to handle everything by himself.



This sense of family, friendship and emotions are shown exceptionally well with each character Wade interacts with. Ryan Reynolds does a fantastic job of fluctuating from slapstick, to dramatic, to comedic and even romantic sides of himself throughout the film. While I loved the first Deadpool movie let’s be honest, it was all over the place, plus the villain was trash. Deadpool 2 actually fixes these problems with a steady and easy to follow story that’s filled with surprises.



In Deadpool 2 Wade crosses paths with a young pyrokinetic mutant who calls himself Firefist (for obvious reasons) played by newcomer Julian Dennison. Wade starts to form a bond with the kid as he tries to steer him in the right direction to prevent him from becoming a mass murderer. But this attempt of rehabilitation also puts Wade in the crosshairs of the time-traveling Cable, who plays a reverse Terminator role of being sent to the past to prevent Firefist from causing a destructive future. This leads to Deadpool forming his own team of sorts that includes Zazie Beetz (is that really her name?) as the soon-to-be crowd favorite Domino. Together they must save the kid and prevent Cable from murdering him.




One of my biggest complaints about this movie is that I wish it came out earlier this year. Josh Brolin is two for two now in comic book films this year, but his portrayal as Thanos is FAR superior. With that being said it’s hard to not think of Thanos when watching Josh play the out of time old man soldier, and that’s just unfortunate because he deserves praise for this as well. But let’s be real here, Thanos will be the talk of the rest of the year, not Cable.

Another issue I had… T.J. Miller. With all the controversies surrounding the actor one would think that they would “Christopher Plummer” his character and just edit him out. However they kept him in the film for no reason at all. You can completely erase every scene he was in and nothing would change. Especially since Dopinder (played by Karan Soni) steals every scene he’s in.



Deadpool 2 is far from a great film, but it’s still a necessary one. The more you watch superhero films the more you point out similarities, bad CGI and just lazy writing. Funny thing is Deadpool actually calls out these moments for you in the film. It’s almost as if you’re watching the Honest Trailer, How It Should Have Ended, and Cinemasins versions of this movie at the same time. This is why the film is necessary, it calls out all the BS we’ve noticed in other superhero films yet also recognizes that it’s no different.

This movie is 100% fanfare to longtime Deadpool readers and even serves jokes that only comic fans would recognize (literally another guy and I laughed at the same joke in the theater, looked at each other and did the respect head nod). Will I watch it again? Absolutely. Could it have been better? Absolutely. But accolades do not equate to dollars. And that my dear friends, is something the Merc With The Mouth has plenty of.

Verdict: 4 out of 5 Regenerative Limbs

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May 19, 2018 4:59 pm

Yes, that’s why I love your reviews….honest, simple, truthful.

May 22, 2018 3:45 am

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