REVIEW: Avengers #1

AVENGERS #1 / Writer: Jason Aaron/ Artist: Ed McGuinness, Mark Morales & David Curiel / Letterer : Cory Petit / Marvel Comics / May 2, 2018

This week Marvel launches their Fresh Start initiative with Avengers #1; this difficult task falls on the shoulders of Jason Aaron who rises to the occasion by delivering a classic Avengers feel mixed with high stakes that only Earth’s Mightiest Heroes can possibly take care of. This new run comes fresh on the heels of Avengers: No Surrender which rebooted the Avengers, allowing Aaron to go in any direction he wanted with the future of our favorite heroes. This book being Marvel’s flagship title and the only Avengers book puts a lot of pressure on its shoulders to lead Marvel into a successful Fresh Start.

The book opens up with the 1 000 000 BC Avengers, who we last saw in the Marvel Legacy one-shot, who are preparing to meet the Celestials in battle. The rest of it concentrates on showing us where each member of this new team is in the moments preceding the arrival of the Final Host.

Despite the issue being mostly setting up where our heroes are before coming together and Marvel’s trinity discussing their recent misadventures, I found it enjoyable. Jason Aaron doesn’t waste any time throwing you into the action while giving you a glimpse to where everyone is in regards to the Final Host’s attack on Earth. Aaron is building towards a story of epic proportions that will echo through Marvel’s history and it can be felt from start to finish. The stakes are at their highest which should always be the case with an Avengers story. He really makes us feel that this book is the centerpiece in the Marvel Universe. I can’t wait to see how this team will assemble over the course of the coming issues because the writing really hit this tone of family between Iron Man, Thor and Captain America to perfection. We see them arguing, celebrating and finally assembling together once again.

The art by Ed McGuinness is outstandingly beautiful from the first page to the last I have nothing, but praises. It took my breath away; no artist can hit this Avengers look quite like him. Every panel in this book felt like an epic in the making with clear and fine line work that will make you want to stare at each page for an entire hour. The use of shadows and the panel work come add to the overall look. A big hand of applause is in order for David Curiel, the colorist, who really does shows that color can make a difference he comes in and complements McGuinness’ art to perfection. The entire artistic team gave us spectacular visuals to look at which alone is enough to justify buying this book.

As much as I enjoyed this book it isn’t without its faults. Avengers #1, like many first issues of team books, falls into the trap of trying to do too much in not enough pages. There is a lot going on in this comic: we get the 1 000 000 BC Avengers, a discussion between Marvel’s Trinity, Doctor Strange and T’Challa on an expedition and the others heroes have pages dedicated to them. It makes for a comic that is loaded and I would have appreciated it a little more if it would have focused down on one or two plot lines. It’s nice that all the bases are covered and we know where we are heading straight out the gate, but the pacing is a little all over the place which demanded a lot more focus on my part to not forget anything. The characterization was lacking, but it was easy to look over given that Aaron choose to focus more on certain relationships for now and we were thrown straight into the action so it doesn’t come as a detriment to the story. Other than these two little things I have no other real problem with this story; the main elements are solid and are giving me enough to stay interested in what is to come. Overall, I enjoyed this first issue a lot. It’s a good kickoff for Marvel’s Fresh Start. The team is interesting, the conflict feels epic, the tone and feel are fitting on an Avengers story all the main elements are there to give us a story that resonates with fans. This first issue is a perfect jumping on point for people who haven’t been following the Avengers in a while. It’s also a very good first comic for new comic book readers it gives enough exposition to not feel lost while reading it and with prior knowledge, of the MCU, these characters are generally recognizable. If I’d have to introduce someone who has an interest in comic I would hand them this issue for sure. I’d have to give it a 4 out of 5 this issue promises a bright future for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. This comic looks and feels like an epic Avengers tale assembling before our eyes.

Verdict: 4 out of 5 dead Celestials

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