REVIEW: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S5E20- “The One Who Will Save Us”


Thanos is on his way. In fact, his people are already on Earth. It turns out that Hydra has known he was coming since the first Avengers movie and has been working to ally with a the Confederacy–an intergalactic alliance formed by members of six extraterrestrial species–for protection. Fortunately, our agents know better than to trust someone named Kasius. The people of Hydra, of course, were nothing but fools. The Confederacy was never going to save Earth; they just wanted to scavenge its resources before Thanos destroyed it.

Talbot: Your mistake is thinking I’m still human.

Talbot demonstrates his power in front of the members of the Confederacy, and having someone like that is all good for the team while Talbot listens to Agent Coulson. However, Talbot recently experienced a traumatic brain injury (when the Daisy-bot shot him in the head), and now he has Hall and Quinn talking inside his head because of the Gravitonium. Layer that on top of the Hydra brainwashing Hale performed on him, and Talbot has more than a few screws loose these days. The first indicator is when Talbot makes Qovus kneel. Then he makes Coulson kneel. When May and Daisy try to rescue Talbot and Coulson, Talbot accuses Coulson of betraying him. He throws him in a cell and sells Daisy to Papa Kasius. Poor Daisy. This is the second time she’s been sold into slavery to House Kasius.


Talbot plans to rip more Gravitonium from the ground and infuse it into his body. That’s not going to cause the Earth to be ripped apart or anything. His goal is to become even more powerful and then join the Avengers in confronting Thanos. Even Daisy can’t stop him. To contend with Graviton, she’s going to have to become the Destroyer of Worlds—that is, if she can free herself from being an Inhuman slave… again. But everything is fine.

Remorath: The Odium gives the power of the gods to those in final battle.

Mack: First of all, there’s only one God.

Remorath: It is glory through the spilling of blood, the taste of your enemy’s pain.

(The Remorath convulses and dies)

Mack: And God definitely doesn’t want you drinking that garbage.

May: Any way to know how it works?

Simmons: Not without opening him up… I’ll get right to it.

Meanwhile, back at the Lighthouse, Simmons being asked to dissect an alien seems such a small thing, but it’s her response to the request that gives us insight to her evolution. In the season one episode “F.Z.Z.T.,” Simmons eagerly performed an autopsy to find out why a man died. She and Fitz argued over her eagerness to cut things open in the name of science. Now, she seems to find the alien autopsy almost distasteful.

Yo-Yo’s attitude continues to put me off. She acts so righteous. Back when Agent May killed the little girl in Bahrain, it tore Yo-Yo apart, but now, Yo-Yo’s killing of Ruby doesn’t seem to bother her. Mack can barely even look at her anymore, and she acts like he needs to just get over it. Then, when Daisy shows up carrying her mother’s remains, Yo-Yo demands answers like she’s the one in charge when, in actuality, she’s one of the more junior agents on the team.

Deke: I’ve been wanting to tell you something since we’ve gotten, you know, I don’t want to say closer but—

Daisy: You really don’t. Everyone who gets close to me ends up dying.

Daisy came back from last week’s episode with Jiaying’s body… and some emotional baggage. One thing Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. does well is lasting repercussions. Here, we learn that Daisy still isn’t over Lincoln’s death, which occurred at the end of season three. Now, having just dug up her dead mom and knowing her surrogate dad is on the edge of death, Daisy is stressed out and feeling fatalistic. Deke goes to her to admit his feelings, but when he listens, he decides to just be there for her—to be what she needs right then, regardless of his feelings. That’s what love is. Daisy may actually have the right mate (finally), and the show could end without us ever seeing them kiss.


By the time you read next week’s review, we’ll know whether or not the journey is over. The deadline for renewal is this weekend. Here’s to hoping we get more because this show is amazing, and I’m not ready for the ride to end.


4.5 out of 5

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