REVIEW: Krypton s1e3 “Rankless Initiative”

"Rankless Initiative" feature

Each week I ask myself, “What is Krypton?” and each week I get a different answer. Last week, I said the show is a political drama, this week I see that Krypton is the journeys of two people Rankless Seg and Lyta-Zod. We already knew this was Seg’s story. He’s Superman’s grandfather.

Lyta: I challenged Quex to change things. To change the way the Sagitari treat the Rankless.

What I find surprising is Lyta-Zod. To dismiss her as merely Seg’s girlfriend doesn’t give Lyta the credit she deserves. Lyta’s story weaves in and out of Seg’s but it is her story. She struggles with the rules forced on her with her Rank and name. After having beat her commander, Lyta-Zod earned his command. She now demands that the innocent Rankless be treated with care and not slaughtered when the Sagitari go down to hunt Black Zero. It’s difficult to maintain your morals when they aren’t the same as society.

Rankless Initiative arrest

Seg’s journey has Adam, Kem, and him hunting for a techno-organic parasite that has infected a Rankless. The parasite kills its host when it finishes gathering information to send back to Brainiac. Would it have been better if Seg had just destroyed Kem’s sister Rhom? It would have been simpler, no doubt. However, knowing that she was the transmitter, killing her would never have stopped the information getting back to Brainiac. She might still die, but at least she has a chance

Rhom: There is no Rhom. Rhom has been collected. Krypton is worthy of collection. You will be collected. I am transcendent, free of the material universe and the limitations of physical existence.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. “Resistance is futile.” We’ll all be assimilated. As I stated when I first started covering Krypton, I don’t know much about the DC comic universe/multiverse. I do, however, know my Star Trek. The best villains Star Trek ever had were the Borg. It almost seems as though maybe Brainiac is DC’s Borg? Rhom’s speech sent shivers down my spine and upped my excitement level. Krypton continues to be a solid show as the weeks progress.

VERDICT: 3.5 Out of 5

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