REVIEW: Black Lightning s1e12 “Book of Pain”

Black Lightning and Thunder

This week’s Black Lightning had both great moments…and boring moments. It remained solid. However, I typically expect more of a show leading into the season finale. It didn’t give the sense that we were nearing the climax of the show. Black Lightning dies, but the stakes aren’t real. You don’t kill off the title character of a show after it’s been renewed for another season. Therefore, he was always going to come back.

Khalil can walk. He sold his soul for working legs, got superpowers via an experiment and can walk. Too bad he has to be loyal to Tobias. Predictably, while he was being experimented on, the ASA turned him against Jefferson, school and, to a lesser extent, Jennifer. His own mom didn’t even know he was back in town. They couldn’t completely get rid of his feelings for Jennifer, though. Even working for Tobias, he didn’t try to hurt her.

Black Lightning-Khalil

The fight between Thunder and Syonide displayed great choreography. I also enjoyed how it was shot, without rapid cuts between camera angles, allowing you to see moves and countermoves fluidly. However, we are on the penultimate episode of Black Lightning and I’m still uncertain what exactly Anissa’s powers are. Having not read many DC comic books, I can only go by what I see on TV. She inhales and she’s super strong and can make earthquakes by stomping? It seems the clap of her hands can make a concussive wave that can knock people out, and she’s bulletproof. But is this really happening only while she’s not breathing? She must be holding her breath for a long time.

Black Lightning Syonide fight

The emotional plot of this episode was really nothing to write home about. Jefferson and Lynn are back together, and then not. Jennifer is still crying “Powers are ruining my life!”. It seems she might have a change of heart in the next episode, though, since her powers saved her dad’s life. Actually, Jennifer’s entire stereotypical teenager character drives me up the wall. The plot in this episode was definitely stronger than character growth.


3 out of 5

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