REVIEW: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. s5e16 “Inside Voices”

Agent Coulson and company

Warning! MASSIVE Spoilers Ahead!!!! In this week’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. we finally were blessed with the payoff we’ve been (not too) patiently waiting for. In season one episode three “The Asset”, Dr. Hall became the catalyst to stop the element Gravitonium from destroying an island. In the stinger, after the Gravitonium is locked in a hidden vault in the Fridge, the camera zooms in and a face forms out of the Gravitonium. That was the 1st appearance of the MCU’s Graviton. Fans who know about Graviton have been anxiously awaiting his return. For years, we’ve asked “Where’s Graviton? When are we getting Graviton?” Now those questions have transformed into “Where the hell is Graviton? Why haven’t we seen Graviton yet?”


It is now season five episode sixteen. In this episode, Daisy and May retrieve Robin, Simmons and Yo-Yo broke Fitz out of holding, and Creel and Agent Coulson free Talbot from Hale. That is, they do that AFTER GRAVITON TRIES TO EAT CRUSHER CREEL!!! That’s right, I said GRAVITON. After four and a half years of waiting, we finally have him. Carl “Crusher” Creel aka “the Absorbing Man” was asked by General Hale to touch the Gravitonium, to absorb it and learn about it. When he opened up the container, the Gravitonium—Graviton—tried to eat him.

Agents of Shield payoff

Creel (to Coulson): Gravitonium. It hates you. It wants you dead

The odd thing is somehow he also now has memories of Hall and Ian Quinn. That’s right, I said Ian Quinn, our other payoff. The stinger of this Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is actually a deleted scene from the season one finale in which Raina opens the box and Graviton eats Quinn. Now we know what happened to Ian Quinn. This does leave us with questions though. Why is Creel hearing the voices? Why does Hall hate Coulson? We know why Quinn hates him.

Talbot (to Coulson): You know, you die more than anybody I’ve ever met.

The friendship between Agent Coulson and Talbot is heartwarming. The banter runs smoothly and Adrian Pasdar is excellent at playing a military man that’s gone crazy. Creel’s loyalty to Talbot turns him against Hale, even getting him to work counter to the voices in his head. Despite having been aligned with Hale, Creel is one of the good guys. Surprisingly one of my favorite powered people on the show, Creel is a villain in the comics.

Against the agents

Hale threw off all pretense of being other than a villain. She’s trying to torture Agent Coulson into compliance. Her hair is down and she no longer wears the US Air Force uniform. Hale is 100% certain that her way is the only way to the mankind. Too bad she’ll destroy us all.

Coulson: General Hale. I know you’re bummed the whole team-up thing isn’t gonna happen. But it still seems kind of petty, taking away my cot…my chair…and my Cap’n Crunch. That last one really hurt. And you’re gonna destroy the Earth, so…

May and Robin were amazing. It must have hurt Robin’s mom when she turned to May and called her “mommy.” Can you imagine what it’s like to, in your head” live in all times at once? It must be overwhelming. Also, poor Agent May. She wanted a kid with Andrew before Bahrain. She parents the team all the time. When she found out that she raised Robin, there was a look of wonder on her face. Now that she’s trying to change the future, she could lose her chance. She knows that Robin’s mom dies in the destruction they’re trying to stop. Her dream is there, but the price is too high.

Agent May and Robin

Just a couple more technical things to touch on. The fight between Creel and Ruby toward the end was highly enjoyable. Also Mark Kolpack and his VFX team must have worked overtime because in addition to Creel’s Absorbing Man abilities, they made Coulson and Talbot disappear. Also Graviton was all them. I’ve heard that a liquid effect is one of the most difficult to produce, and they did amazing. I can’t praise them enough.

VERDICT:4 out of 5

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