Do You Even Duel: Final Fight #2- Korra vs. America Chavez

Korra vs America Do You Even Duel

We’ve made it to the final fight of the #DoYouEvenDuel Tournament #2. The final combatants are Korra (@DatOneWriter) and America Chavez (@GabeGeekzales).

Read the narrative, written by one of Do You Even Comic Book’s very own amazing writer, TGShep, to reveal the victor.


By TGShep

“Loki, you little asshole, where have you sent me now?” America Chavez snarled as her feet skidded on ice, wind kicking up and blowing back her hood.  Everywhere she looked, the world was white, grey and translucent blue.




She spun on her toe, the rubber sole of her sneaker already starting to freeze and crack, getting ready to kick her way back to where ever she was closest to Loki’s face for the punching.


“Hey!” Yelled a woman’s voice. “What are you doing here! This is my father’s hunting ground! You can’t just barge—”


“I’m just leaving, Chica,” America sneered.


“Maybe I don’t want to let you,” called the voice; she was behind America.


And then she wasn’t.


Something huge and white bounded over America’s head, landing with a thud on the ice. A woman in blue and white furs, with brown hair pulled up into a long tail leapt off the—


“Is that a polar bear or a dog?” America asked in confusion.


“Naga, down. I’ll deal with this trespasser,” the woman said to the big furred creature, who lay on the ice, nose in its paws and watched them both.


America squared off with the newcomer. They shared a skin tone, warm brown but otherwise she was like nothing America had ever seen. She didn’t seeme to feel the elements anymore than America did and when she moved…she moved like a dancer.


Black Widow had taught America how dangerous dancers were.


“I’m not here because I want to be,” America said, watching the woman pace towards her.


“Well, why are you here?”


“The god of mischief is a little shit,” America said, flippantly.


Too flippantly. Anger flared in the other woman’s eyes.


The ice under America’s feet started to shake.


“Intruding on the lands of the Southern Water Tribe isn’t mischief,” the woman snapped. “I’m Korra!  I am the Avatar! Why are you here!”


“Korra I don’t care if you’re the first lady. You’re annoying me,” America responded.


Korra’s hands came up, flowing into a swift pass in the air that reminded America of Doctor Strange.


Then she was standing on water, not ice.


As she went down into the freezing liquid, the shock took her breath for an instant, incasing her whole body in what felt like metal. Water filled her mouth, her ears and most importantly, wrenched her sunglasses out of her pocket and sent them hurtling away into the deep.


America howled, gulping more water, then kicked her legs hard.


She shot upwards, towards the now solid again sheet of ice and the shadow she could see there. With a scream of rage, America punched the feet-thick glacier from below, shattering it into a million pieces. As she shot up into the air, she saw the other woman staring up at her, mouth in an ‘O’ of shock.


America landed on one knee, her fist on the ice, in the middle of the biggest patch she could see. “Lady, I don’t care what you think I was doing, you try to murder me?”


“I was going to come get you!” Korra yelled from meters away. And she started that beautiful uncanny dance again.


America kicked open a portal to a nice lava world and dived through, letting the overheated air dry her off, and then landed back in the freezing hunting grounds.


This was on now.


She emerged behind Korra, who was faltering to a stop, staring at where America had been. The big dog…thing reared up and growl barked.


Not in time. America slammed her heel into the mysteriously reformed ice sheet and sprinted straight at the other woman, fists up.


She missed.


Somehow this Korra spun in place, moving out of the way of America’s fists, bending and twisting like a reed in the wind. America skidded to a kick turn on the slick ice and turned around to try again.


Korra moved forward, her motions all grace and aggression, and punched the air in America’s direction.




A stream of flame burst from her fist, flashing the ice in its path into steam in a breath. The cloud obscured her behind its billowing folds. America leapt to one side, trying to get away from the spreading cracks in the ice as the heat destabilized it again. She didn’t want to go back under.


As she landed, from the air above her, Korra attacked, swooping in like a bird.


America went back and back, sliding on the ice, taking hits to her face and body that felt as strong as a Hulk’s. She could hear the sound of air behind the punches — augmented by the something that seemed not entirely physical.








This Korra could control the elements.


America was not going to give her a chance to get cute with Earth.


Korra leapt up, soaring into the air and came down in a perfect flying side kick, fast as lightening.


America caught her foot.


“Sorry, chica. I was holding back a bit.” America spun like a top, her pointed toes drilling down into the ice sheet, sending up a spray of sleet in all directions like a snowblower. Korra whipped around at the end of her arm like a piece of track and field equipment, yelling in surprise. America released her grip, sending her in a high arc into the bright blue sky.


America chased after her in a light-bending blur, exulting in just being able to run like this, on ice, in the freezing air, who cares? Here, now, in this moment, she was free.


And she was going to punch someone really hard.


As Korra fell, arms flailing, America kicked the ice sheet below her. It cracked, running in crazed lines in all directions. Then she gathered herself and took flight.


Now this was living!


She caught the falling woman in a bear hug, pinning her arms to her sides, then shifted her grip to a rear naked choke.


They fell through the sky towards the still cracked and cracking ice sheet, America’s forearm pressed up against Korra’s throat from behind with calculated force. Korra flailed her legs, trying to kick, to struggle.


A bright white light formed in front of her, gathering on her hands and America felt something building in the other woman’s body, like a bolus of energy caught in her throat.


They hit the surface of the ice.


Freezing water and shards flew into the air like an explosion, cascading down for long minutes.


Then silence.


Naga bounded over, whining in terror, snuffling the edge of the water.


A red white and blue jacketed arm emerged from the water, gripped the ice with cracking force. America heaved Korra out of the water to lie dazed on her  back. She scrambling up to stand over her.


“You might want to remember my name, lady,” she said as she casually slid her recovered sunglasses down her nose. “It’s Miss America, yes?”


Winner: America Chavez


America Card Do You Even Duel

You may view full tournament results here.

Look out for the #DoYouEvenDuel and #DoYouEvenComicBook hashtags on twitter for a chance to participate in the next tourney!

Next draftings will occur at 10:00 EST April 13, 2018. Follow the hashtags to join in.

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