Review: Krypton S1E1 “Pilot”


200 years before Superman came to Earth, a planet existed called Krypton. With a plethora of new and exciting characters, Krypton takes us to world where everything is…alien to all we know. With elements of political thriller, action, romance, and science fiction (of course), the show weaves together a rich tapestry that had this writer wanting more.

Seg: Ours is a story of sacrifice and triumph, how the House of El led a revolution against tyranny. The story of your family isn’t how we died, but how we lived.

Krypton starts off with Seg narrating, telling the story to his future grandson Kal-El. This is Seg’s story, starting with his grandfather’s execution and his family being stripped of rank and name as a small child. Now, as an adult he’s reckless–fighting a bar for money and sleeping with Lyta-Zod. He loves his family and is bitter about their circumstances. Going forward, he’s going to have to play the politics of the land while sneaking around finish his grandfather’s work and save the planet.

But only temporarily? Krypton leads us to believe that this is a more immediate threat they’re facing. Otherwise, with prequelitis, we would be watching a show that we know will fail. Adam Strange, however, tells him that he has to save the world so Kal-El can be born. Adam speaks quickly and only shows up twice. Other than possible travel through space-time, the show does not demonstrate any of Adam’s powers.

Krypton Seg

The villains so far are vague. Krypton gives the impression that the Voice of Rao is a corrupt political leader. Daron-Vex is the speaker of the council and the Voices lackey. He offers Seg the Vex name with a marriage to his youngest daughter Nyssa-Vex. Jayna-Zod is the head of the Military Guild. Dev-Em is Lyta-Zod’s betrothed. It was too soon to really figure out everyone’s motivations. I’m fairly certain Jayna isn’t a villain, but I don’t trust her. Nyssa-Vex is also a puzzle. She says she’s playing her father, but to what end?

Because of its science fiction nature, the pilot devoted a lot of time with world-building and character introduction. I counted 12 characters that will probably factor in future episodes, but it’s nearly impossible to give all of them a lot of time in the first episode. It didn’t FEEL like a world building episode. Most of the world building seemed fluid within the story. Everyone in this city on this planet has the same accent, made noticeable when Adam speaks in an American accent.

Krypton Fortess

There were only two real flaws that I could see. First, they speak English on Krypton? Adam clearly spoke the same language as Seg. Second, “1 minute and 37 seconds.” As far as I can tell, minutes and seconds are an Earth measurement calculated based on the Earth’s rotation. Other than those two nitpicks, the show was fine. Being only familiar with DC from their movies starting 1978 with Superman, I found Krypton easy to jump into. Still I was pleased with the few recognizable names: Rao, House of El, Zod. From its wonderful introduction to the ominous reveal of the BIG BAD, the show held my attention. I will be watching more.

Adam Strange: It moved from planet to planet, conqueringShow civilizations, destroying billions of lives. It’s known as the Collector of Worlds but its true name is Braniac.

Verdict: 4 out of 5


Braniac – Action Comics #242 (1958)

Adam Strange – Showcase #17 (1958)

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