REVIEW: Dark Nights Metal #6

DARK KNIGHTS: METAL #6 / Written by Scott Snyder / Artist: Greg Capullo/ Letterer: Steve Wands/ Colorist: Jonathan Glapion and FCO Plascencia / Published by DC Comics/ March 28, 2018

Dark Nights Metal #6 marks the conclusion for the entire DC Metal event. Overall, I have enjoyed the event and most of its side-stories and crossovers. This issue had a lot of loose ends to tie up and questions to answer.

Previously on Dark Nights Metal #5 we left off with Wonder Woman ready to fight the hordes with Kendra. From the start of this issue it becomes imperative that you read Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt. In this issue we pick right back up with Diana and the League fighting Dark Knights. Diana has the mace made of ninth metal and realizes by playing it against her gauntlets, made of eighth metal, she can create a note that will assist the league in clearing a path. The league continues to fight their way up the mountain until Diana can reach Carter Hall and wrap her lasso of truth around him in hopes of reminding him of what is reality.

Throughout this story the theme of “metal” has come into play with types of metal, partically Nth metal, used in the storyline and now with Diana physically playing metal. The clever wordplay feels like a nod to Snyder’s own spotify playlist. Overall, I have highly enjoyed this event and I think this issue ties up loose ends well without it seeming rushed. The twist at the end was well done, very Scott Snyder and very Metal. Batman comes full circle in this story. At the start of the DC Metal event he was running from the Justice League demanding to fight this evil alone as opposed to now where he is accepting aid graciously. This character development will more than likely continue into Snyder’s Justice League run where we will see a more team oriented Batman.

Greg Capullo’s art remains incredibly dark and whimsical, which works in the books favor considering how well he does with darkness. Given the themes, his style adds to the overall atmosphere of the story. Additionally, I love his version of Wonder Woman. He imparts a softness to her that never detracts from her strength, but that is still so clearly Diana.

The colors on these panels were remarkable as well. The bright blue almost white of the new metal versus the purple lightning surrounding Barbatos created a visual dichotomy of good and evil between the colors that matched the storytelling. The lettering matched the dichotomy as well. The font differences between even Carter Hall and Wonder Woman when she first tried to speak to him was eerie but in the best way. The electric almost medieval type choice Steve Wands’ chose Barbatos fit the character perfectly and added an evil and perfectly strange effect to the panels.

Scott Snyder clearly transitioned the DC Metal storyline from being a Batman story into being a Justice League story. The last issue in particular felt like a Wonder Woman story and has me excited to see Snyder work on a Justice League title if only to see him write more of Diana. The conclusion of this event has me excited for what lies ahead with his Justice League run. I imagine we will see more large scale events like this in the future in his run but I do hope that they are less convoluted.

Verdict: 4 out of 5 Nnth Metal Batarangs

In addition to writing and tweeting into the void, Elizabeth Garcia enjoys applying ethical and political theory to modern comics while wearing leggings and drinking wine with her cat on her beat-up couch.

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