“Do You Even Comic Book” Pitches Plot Ideas for Black Panther 2

Black Panther 2 Plot

After the success of Black Panther that exceeded all of our expectations, it came as no surprise when yesterday it was announced that the franchise was green-lit for a second movie. And with that announcement, fans looked to the future, surmising after such a great showing in its first film, and asking themselves the question, “what can raise the stakes in Black Panther 2?” There are a few hopes and dreams, and the community discussed them at length.


Namor vs Black Panther

Without a doubt Namor was the most resounding wish of the fans. The King of Atlantis has yet to surface in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and despite his rights being tied up with Universal and other entities, fans are making a strong showing of support of a conflict, and in many cases a team up, between him and T’challa. Others even expressed that they put aside their rivalry and join together to combat a third entity such as Attuma or Dr. Doom.

The wish for the two of them to clash is a sound one as in the comics they have butted heads as rivals and tenuous allies on several different occasions. After seeing the power of Wakanda, it seems that the time is ripe for such a heavy hitting character to hit the scene. And not only do they want Namor, they want to see him played by an Asian, as his physicality has always betrayed such features.

Of course, with that comes the issue of race and two powerful people of color (PoC) fighting each other, and the first high level debut of an Asian character being a tyrannical king. This, while delicate, can be properly carried out with masterful writing, that puts the kings at odds with each for noble reasons, and the good of their people. Only time will tell whether this avenue can actually be taken.


Black Panther v Doom

Many fans would agree in unison that there has yet to be a worthy live action adaptation of Victor Von Doom, one of the greatest villains to bring devastation to comic book pages. With exquisite technology, and enigmatic mystical prowess, not to mention a nation of his own (Latveria), Doom would be a worthy foe to be dredged up from the his throne at the prospect at this new advanced nation of Wakanda revealing it’s true self.

With the level of skill and power exhibited by Wakanda maybe only someone such as Doom would be worthy to challenge them.

The Hatut Zeraze

There was also mention of a continuing theme from the first film. Given that there are still “War Dogs” (also known as Hatut Zeraze) out in the world, the idea that perhaps some of them have been summoning up their own plans have come ahead. Of course it would be strange to have them without Hunter, and with the Winter Soldier being dubbed “The White Wolf” it would be interesting to see what direction, if any, they would choose to go with this.

Zenzi or Madame Slay


Fans dug deep with some other wishes. Zenzi, who is active in the current run of Black Panther, written by Ta-Nehisi Coates, is a mystical powerhouse with powers that we have yet to see the full extent of. She could play a great role in a new film. Then there was even mention of the lover of Killmonger, Madame Slay, who may show up for some much wanted revenge on Black Panther. These possibilities are both good ones, and I am here for any opportunity to introduce strong black women, fighting for or against Panther.

Secret Invasion

Black Panther See Wakanda and Die

One of the most critically acclaimed Black Panther storylines is “See Wakanda and Die” at the end of Reginald Hudlin’s run, written by Jason Aaron. The story features Wakanda at war with the shape shifting skrulls during the Secret Invasion crossover event by Marvel. It does well to show the true girth of Wakanda in the face of even the most alien of foes. With the Captain Marvel moving having confirmed skrulls, and Black Panther 2 surely airing after this, is this idea too far fetched? Personally, I think it’s very much within the realm of possibility.

Other Ideas?

What would you like to see Black Panther 2 do? Achebe? The Midnight Angels? What meetups or teamups do you see happening? Black Panther and Captain America? Okoye and Black Widow? Any ‘ship’ ideas? Would they be so bold to create a science catalyzed romantic chemistry between Peter Parker and Shuri? Comment your ideas below or on twitter using the #DoYouEvenComicBook hashtag and join in the discussion!

AKA Sceritz, AKA Ophan Black Panther. A cosmic obliterator of the IVth Wall and breaker of chains of the hordes of fandoms scattered throughout the multiverse. Architect of DoYouEvenComicBook.com and Creator of IVWall.net.

AKA Sceritz, AKA Ophan Black Panther. A cosmic obliterator of the IVth Wall and breaker of chains of the hordes of fandoms scattered throughout the multiverse. Architect of DoYouEvenComicBook.com and Creator of IVWall.net.

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