REVIEW: Days of Hate #1

DAYS OF HATE #1 /  Ales Kot / Danijel Zezelj / Jordie Bellaire / Publisher: Image Comics / February 21, 2018


All is fair in love and war.

At least, that seems to be the truth in 2022 America when two ex-lovers find themselves on opposite sides of raging war. As the government swings to favor the reign of white supremacy, the two must fight their own battles in order to survive, and lay to rest the inner wars commencing inside themselves. When you’ve lost everything, sometimes you’ll give even more in order to create a world worth waking up to.

A hard-hitting, topical political commentary, Days of Hate #1 is more relevant than I’m comfortable admitting. With themes regarding sexuality, racism and death dripping from the pages, the first issue is nothing short of remarkably done. It gives a glimpse into two sides of the same story, and makes you realize that sometimes that means you’re reading from a different book altogether.

Ales Kot, author of Discipline and Punish, holds no punches with this newest story. Opening with an inflammatory quote from the one and only Steve Bannon, Kot immediately introduces us to a world of turmoil and divisiveness, putting readers on the edge of their seats. With its relevance to our current political state, it’s a daring act to so blatantly toy with the fire that’s burning bright across the country. And it pays off. With emotional and intense dialogue, of which there’s actually a lot, Kot demands we pick a side, and neither is painted very pretty.

Danijel Zezelj has a heavy styling. Bold, thick lines and copious shadows lends a gothic noir feel to Days of Hate, painting it with the air of a crime story gone rogue. Paired with the forever genius coloring of Jordie Bellaire, Zezelji has a way of making you fall into a panel with bated breath and heady anticipation.

Days of Hate #1 is a perfectly timed release that offers up both commentary and predictions about the state of our country and where it’s headed. With a few curveballs, and a racial joke or two, Kot and Zezelj may have created the most appealing political comic I’ve ever read. Presenting both sides of the divide gives an equal opportunity for anyone to pick up the book and look into the mind of a stranger. More importantly, it’s a chance to peer into the future and see a very likely outcome for our own world.

Verdict: 4 of 5

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