REVIEW: Spider-Woman (1979) Episode 2- “Realm of Darkness”

Spider-Woman Realm of Darkness
Episode 2: Realm of Darkness / Original Airdate: Saturday September 29, 1979
An entity by the name of Dormammu seeks to enslave humanity. In this episode we are graced with a villain pulled right from the comics and one that plays to Spider-Womans early history. Here we get Dormammu and while I’d like to think he was chosen for the show because so many of Spider-Womans early appearances saw her take on villains of magic and mysticism, that may be giving the creators too much credit. 
 Dormammu as this episodes bad guy is interesting to me for 2 reasons. The first is he has a great look. In this episode he doesn’t look like his comic appearances but the general idea is there. Most of the episode he is just a floating head engulfed in fire and it does look generally frightening. The second deals with the general grim tone he brings to the story. His plan is to turn the world to total darkness with his druids henchmen who chant his name in an ominous manner. Through these characters we see pentagrams a few times in the episode which for a children’s show is a bit strange.
We are also introduced to “spider-vision” in this episode,  a power Jessica doesn’t have in the comics. It’s like spider-sense only she sees exactly who, what, and where trouble may be coming from no matter where it’s happening. Additionally the team engages in some detective work that becomes a core component of Jessica’s character.
While Dormammu appearing in this episode is great, a part of me really wishes it was Morgan Le Faye or the Brothers Grimm. Both being early antagonists of Jessica’s and would have looked great in animated form. But with Dormammu being the villain here it highlights the shows inconsistency. The first episode had Spider-Woman needing Spider-Mans help with a pretty terrible villian. Dr. Strange has problems with Dormammu and Spider-Woman takes him down with relative ease. Not that she should not be able to do so but if ever there was a time for a team-up, this was it.
All that aside this is one of the best episodes of the series. There’s fantastic action and and an actual villain pulled right out of the comics, one of the few episodes to do so.
Verdict: 4 out of 5 Banana Breads 

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