REVIEW: Runaways #6- “Together Again, Again.”

RUNAWAYS #6 / Writer: Rainbow Rowell/ Artist: Kris Anka  / Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna / Publisher: Marvel Comics / Feb 7, 2018

If you’ve been with the Runaways from the start you’re well aware the focus has often been less about fighting and more about relationships. The latest series is no exception.

After 5 issues of weird grandma, false starts, disdainful sentient robot heads, and spooky telepathic cats we’re finally up and running.

The main event of this issue is the team finally together fighting as one against Molly’s grandmother who, as we have discovered, is a mad scientist who may or may not be pure evil. We get a nice little battle with Chase, Nico, and Karolina showing what they bring to the team. It’s a fun little battle but it isn’t the focus.

If summed up in a word this issue is about family. Rowell absolutely gets these characters. We get excellent interactions between Chase, Gert and Victor, as well as between Nico and Karolina.

The star here, though, is Molly. She is put through the emotional ringer and has to decide between staying with her grandma or becoming a Runaway again. She learns of her grandma’s nefarious doings and stops the gang from hurting her during the battle, so there is love there, but she ultimately has to decide with whom she will truly be safe. And happy.

N ow the art. Kris Anka is doing some magic here. His art is obviously great but the way we emotes and shows the characters’ feelings hit home hard. The way we get so many differing and distinct emotions out of Molly—from confusion, to joy, to sadness—in one page is incredible.

I’m excited to discover where we go from here. At one point we get a seemingly throwaway panel of Gert and Victor but it gave me pause. We know that at some future point Gert and Victor date and things go sideways. I may be looking to much into it but perhaps seeds are being planted.

The Runaways are finally all together again and I could not be more thrilled.

Verdict: 4 banana breads out of 5

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