Review: Robyn Hood: The Curse #2

Robyn Hood: The Curse #2 / Writer: Chuck Dixon / Artist: Julius Abrera / Colors: Robby Bevard / Letterer: Taylor Esposito / Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment / Release Date: Feb. 14, 2018

In a world full of magic and monsters, there needs to be someone to help keep the checks and balances. And in this world? That someone is Robyn Hood.

A gender-swapped modern-day Robin Hood, the two fictional characters are alike in name and weapon choice only. While the traditional Hood steals from the rich to give to the poor, our Robyn spends her time tracking down and hunting monsters and other forms of magical misdeeds. When an incantation goes wrong steals someone precious, Robyn is headed to the West Coast to find some answers. With desperation rising, there’s a race against the clock to solve the mystery of her friend’s whereabouts. Throw in a meat-suit and a rich guy who has an interest in Robyn, and who has too many people trying to kill him, and Robyn Hood: The Cursed #2 is spell-bound to have you hanging on Dixon’s every word.

Chuck Dixon, also known for this work on Marvel’s Punisher and DC’s Nightwing, has a distinctive writing style that certainly stands out on it’s own. With a subtle humor to even the darkest of situation, Dixon often toes the line between fantasy and realism, capturing that terrifying aura of what might be possible, and what you truly hope is not. Robyn Hood: The Curse #2 is no exception to that rule. Despite being riddled with supernatural themes and ritualistic deaths, Dixon manages to inset a very human fear of loss, pain, death and the unknown in the story that appeals to a visceral level of humanity. Robyn is everything one could hope for in a monster-hunting heroine. Scarred and jaded, her loyalties to her friends run deep and she appears to run on instinct and experience alone, succumbing to no outside pressures.

Paired with phenomenal coloring and excellent illustration, it’s no wonder Robyn Hood is so mesmerizing. Julius Abrera, who also penciled G.I. Joe vs Cobra, has the perfect style for this mystical tale. Clean line works with heavy shading and stellar usage of white space are only emphasized by the clever panel placement. Personally, I’m a big fan of the shadowing that takes place in this story, and Abrera seemed to be in his element as well. The character designs and background both give an impression of simplicity, but closer inspection tells a different story. The complex linework and shading, especially in scenes containing water, are gorgeously rendered. Matched with the colors of Robby Bevard, with previous work on Spider-man, the artwork takes Dixon’s script to the next level. His selection is perfect, and the green used for Robyn’s outfit and narrative box is dead-on. I’d also like to go on record with the fact that I’m in love with Bevard’s chosen colors and the implementation of them for the starry, night sky that Robyn Hood opens with.

All in all, Robyn Hood: The Curse #2 is a great story. The writing and artwork make it next level, and with it being of the same caliber I’ve come to expect from the spin-off fairy tales and folktales Zenescope Entertainment offers, I’m not disappointed. The first issue hit the shelves in January 2018, and it’s not too late to grab both copies and catch up. With only two parts released of a six part story, I’d highly recommend high-tailing it down to your shop of choice and joining in on the hunt.

Verdict: 4 of 5 Stars

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