Review: Eternity #4

Eternity #4 Review Cover

ETERNITY #4 / Writer: Matt Kindt / Penciller: Trevor Hairsine / Inker: Ryan Winn / Colorist: David Baron / Letterer: A Larger World Studios / Publisher: Valiant Comics / Release Date: January 31st, 2018


Eternity #4 Review Cover

Eternity #4 is the end of this cosmic mini-series from Valiant. It’s a part of the Divinity Saga, which has had three 4-issue minis so far. Reading Divinity, Divinity II, and Divinity III is a necessity before diving into Eternity. Eternity is just as, if not more ambitious than Divinity in terms of storytelling. The story follows the life of Abram Adams aka Divinity. He was orphaned as a child and was used as a test subject by the Russian government. His mission? To travel where no human has before. They sent him, and two others to the edge of the universe, where they gained God-like powers. Now, Abram and Myshka, one of the astronauts sent with him to space, live quiet lives as the parenst of a newborn child.

Eternity #4 is the conclusion of this epic story. Abram and Myshka have been caught up in a war of epic proportions when their newborn son is stolen. Throughout the story, they’ve been trying to get him back, but they’ve learned that everything isn’t as it seems.

This issue was a satisfying ending to this mini. The main thing that was confusing during this mini was the answer to the obvious question. Why do these aliens/cosmic beings want Abram and Myshka’s son? Writer Matt Kindt painted a clear picture in this issue. Abram and Myshka both got their powers from something known as “The Unknown.” In the unknown, an individual known as the Observer keeps the balance of both future and past. Without him, the universe would spiral into chaos. Eternity has shown that chaos. The Observer prophesized his own death and planted essences of himself in the area where Myshka got her powers. So, the child isn’t Abram’s but in fact, the Observer’s.

Eternity #4 Review Picture A

Wild, I know. Eternity is one of the wildest, craziest comics you’ll ever read. The artistic team of Hairsine, Winn, and Baron let their minds run wild. Every color you could think of, dynamic splash pages, and imaginative characters. The best part of this issue though involves a scene with David Camp. David is a man from Earth and a former worshiper of Abram, but since has decided to forge his own path. He plays a big part in this story as well and serves as a perfect thematic element in this story. Abram has a cool moment here with David, where for the first time, Abram calls himself his superhero name. It was one of those moments that happens in every superhero comic book. But, it hadn’t happened in the Divinity sage yet, so it felt fresh.

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The ending of this issue sets up the Valiant Universe for more space craziness in the future. New villains, new characters, and Abram and Myshka deciding to try and have a child of their own. Throughout this saga, themes of choice and destiny have rung loud in my head. This issue only enhanced those messages. I’ve loved every second of the world building in this saga. The Valiant Universe needed something new, and Divinity has been the perfect addition to this new universe. Writer Matt Kindt has been playing around with this idea of time being like a book. Every page already being written and in the grand scheme of things, one can’t change their destiny, or even the outcome. But, within each page, comes the opportunity for one to edit or re-write certain parts of their life, but one can only do that one page at a time. Abram, with his powers can view and change any page he wants. The Observer was the binding that held the book together. And David Camp was the reader. Anxiously trying to read multiple pages at once. All signs point to an Eternity II in our future and with this creative team, you honestly can’t go wrong.

Verdict: 5 out of 5

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