REVIEW: Daredevil #598

DAREDEVIL #598 / Writer: Charles Soule / Artist: Ron Garney / Color Artist: Matt Milla / Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles / Main Cover Artists: Dan Mora & Romulo Fajardo Jr. / Published: February 7th, 2018

Things never go easy for Daredevil, but it’s been especially hard for him recently.  Wilson Fisk is the new Mayor of New York and the villainous Muse has escaped from an Inhuman prison on New Attilan.  Vigilantes are now illegal and there is a substantial reward for the capture of Daredevil.

Charles Soule’s story is both a classic superhero story trope, what happens when the villains win legally, but it can also easily be seen as a commentary on our current political climate.  It’s hard to not see parallels to the headlines when we watch as Fisk’s man is talking to the villains of the city and offering them positions in the government.

Muse is possibly one of the most twisted villains created in quite a while.  Very little is known about him, even after his capture previously.  What makes his return all the more significant here is that he’s not just out to plot another evil scheme, he might actually be on the same side as Daredevil.  He’s not a hero by any means and still a murderous psychopath, but Soule and company could be setting up an “enemy of my enemy is my friend” story here.  Muse has marked his return by painting massive graffiti murals on the sides of buildings that seem to be sympathetic to the superheroes of New York.  We still don’t know much about Muse, including the limits of his abilities or how he is doing everything here.

One point was unclear in all this.  Throughout much of Daredevil’s history, the Kingpin has known his secret identity, but it’s unclear here if Fisk knows the truth about Matt Murdock or not.  I thought they had established in the recent issues that only Foggy knew the truth about Matt, but I’m not sure.  Regardless if Fisk knows the truth or not, he doesn’t trust Murdock, and Fisk knows it’s best to keep your enemies close.

Ron Garney returns as the artist after a few issues with Stefano Landini’s art.  I must admit I prefer Landini’s art style, but Garney has done most of the issues during Soule’s run and his art better matches the tone of Soule’s writing.

This issue covers a lot of ground, but never feels rushed or hard to follow.  Muse’s return makes things very interesting, opening a lot of directions for the story to take, and making it more than just another Daredevil vs Kingpin story.

Verdict: 4 out of 5

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Just Mike
February 13, 2018 10:24 am

I think that only Foggy knows Matt’s identity, post Purple Kids mind manipulation.